Vampire Bund 7, Fairy Tail 18

Vampire Bund 7 wraps up the story arc pertaining to the school, but it acts for all practical purposes like a final episode. There’s not even a maid cartoon at the end. And much is accomplished.

Akira’s turn against Mina because of her actions, and her seeming indifference to the chaos in the school continues as he gathers up weapons for the schoolkids (who are getting bitten even as he does), that is, until he encounters Alphonse, a vampire loyal to Mina.

What’s more, he has Wolf, Akira’s dad, with them, and we get a lot of “Are you sure you know what you’re getting into?” talk, while what we really care about, the murders in the cathredral, is offscreen. Never mind, when we finally return there it’s what I expected, a lot of unconscious kids, only Yuki and the nun are left.

There’s a lot of talk about how vampires around are cutting loose and showing their powers, and it’s caused by a group called Telomere. But happily, this brings Mina around to the opposing side, and she, along with her servants, and eventually Akira, drive off the bad vampires. I don’t quite get it. Did she just learn that Telomere was involved in the school and that’s why she intervened? She wouldn’t have cared otherwise? I suppose it’s possible. I’m not buying it. Or did she simply not know until she encountered that kid walking in the rain in the first scene? Either way I’m still not convinced she’s on the side of good. Or rather, she uses people to reach her goals. Even if she sometimes regrets it, she still does it.

And the relationship between Akira and Mina gets a little bizarre, too. To work things out they have a big fight, Mina talks a lot about the past, and then the roof they’re standing on collapses and he saves her by sacrificing himself. Impaled by a cross! This comes off like a death scene, but to close it all out we see the good vampires celebrating their new bund, with Akira by Mina’s side. So, he didn’t die? All right, he’s immortal, we know, but a little explanation, please.

I pity poor Yuki, who witnessed all of this and probably understands it less than we do …

Fairy Tail sometimes has an annoying habit of having exciting climaxes in the first half, and overly-long denoument and new arc setup in the second, so that it feels like a letdown. That’s pretty much what happens here.

Destroy the moon? Sure, easy, says Erza. And they do it, or rather, they destroy the aura of evil that had hardened around the island. The curse is lifted, yay. At this point the episode is hardly ten minutes done. Then there’s the long denoument. The islanders were really demons all the time, they just thought they had transformed. I’ll admit this leads to a couple nice scenes. They bring up the question of whether the demons should maybe return to the rest of civilization and not hide their natures, because they’re nice demons, after all. “Angels,” as Natsu said, in a rare insightful moment. And the demon girls hit on Gray. Leftover bad guys show up and are forgiven, after Erza hits them. Then, the moment I’d been awaiting for several episodes:

They get off the friggin' island! Hoorah!

But after that the episode falls apart. We get the beginnings of the new arc (and we learn Ul’s daughter is alive), Natsu, Gray and Lucy still have to be punished, blah blah. Now, some of it works, when the jokes are good and the timing’s right, but it doesn’t hide the fact that Fairy Tail can be one of the most sloppily-written shows currently running.

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