Durarara 8, Letter Bee 19, Hidamari Sketch 7

Durarara 8 starts with Selty pining for her head but soon expands onto a theme of things lost and found in general. From Anri’s missing shoes (some jerk keeps stealing them), to Erika and Martin missing each other downtown, to Selty and Shizuo trying to remember what building used to occupy a now-vacant lot.

It’s fair to say missing one’s head is the most important of these. Even if Selty used to have to carry it around, it’s her head, damn it! It’s part of her identity. Worse, she suspects it has memories the rest of her no longer has. And she’s afraid of losing even more. Shinra doesn’t think that’s a problem, and it’s made clear at the vacant lot scene, where Selty remembers what was there before and not Shizuo, that he’s probably right. But that only brings up the other point brought home in this episode. Even if you’re looking for something, the one you’re with might not think it a problem. Is the thing you’re missing actually that important to you?

Selty wants her head. Erika and Martin are desperate to find each other. The twist here is brought by Anri and Mikado. Anri gives up on finding her shoes, but Mikado, hoping to score points with her, keeps searching and finds them. When he goes to her place to return them she simply says “Thank you,” and closes the door on him. Meanwhile, Shinra, Selty’s partner, doesn’t want Selty to find her head. And the present owner of her head, this unknown girl, is told the lines above by Seiji, who I suspect is sincere.


Well, she doesn’t get her head back, but she gets some hope from a fortune cookie. Anri has her shoes. Erika and Martin find each other. It’s about as happy an ending as we’ll get midway through this series.

In Letter Bee 19 Lag is down with a fever, and Sylvette and Niche try to nurse him back to health. The trouble is, Niche is unclear on the concept of nursing.

It’s all fairly predictable. Niche tries to help and causes all kinds of problems, and Sylvette, who has a temper anyway, gets more and more frustrated until the two of them fight. They both go off on their own to find medicine. Sylvette nearly gets sucked into a bog, Niche rescues her, and they make up—for now.

Nothing much more to say, really. Little gets accomplished. Sylvette says she’ll stop nagging Niche but continues to do so. Lag is healed, but it’s thanks to the medicine Zazie and Connor brought. Niche learns she’s not much of a nurse. That’s it.

Nothing much ever happens in Hidamari Sketch, but ep7 sets some sort of record. The only event is the visit of Sae’s little sister, Chika, who’s just come from some kabuki.

This is how kabuki can make you behave.

And the only bit of drama is some sibling quibbling.

Beyond that all they do is talk at the table. They talk about food, cutting a cake into seven pieces, musical instruments, and other things that I’ve forgotten. The next day they all go on a picnic, but we don’t come along. Instead we see them sitting at a different table and talking about the picnic, and talking about what they talked about at the picnic. I know this show has a small budget (usually covered up well by its design style), but after this episode I wonder if they have any animation money at all, or does it go to the voice actors by the word?

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