Railgun 21

Railgun 21 is frustrating as all get-out. It becomes obvious that sweet, innocent little Haruue is the source of the poltergeist incidents.

I mean, obvious even before this little incident.

She’s in the middle of two of them, and the place she lived before had such incidents, too. Okay, it’s circumstantial evidence, but Kuroko is right for once. It’s good enough that they should check her out. But it never occurs to any of them that she while she might not be causing them, she’s the trigger for someone else. And Uihara, who is taking on the load of “best friend” responsibilities on behalf of the new arrival, doesn’t want her examined at all (causing a rift between her and Kuroko, which for some reason I could care less about).

Tell that to Kiyama.

And when they finally do check her out they find that she’s not especially dangerous, completely disregarding the fine print in her file about her powers increasing under certain circumstances. Telestina (whom I don’t trust) is ready to drop it all. Okay, the evidence points elsewhere, but they’re just not thinking through enough. Meanwhile I’m tapping my foot and waiting. It finally takes Haruue herself to reveal that she can hear her lost friend’s voice, and that her friend was the girl who Kiyama befriended and then innocently did tests on. Why did she not say any of this before? And wouldn’t she have been in the midst of poltergeists at her old place, too? Come on, people!

On the other hand, this means they’ll probably bring Kiyama back. I like this for two reasons. First, she is a sympathetic character that got dealt a bad hand, and second, she takes her clothes off in public.


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