A couple episode 8’s: Vampire Bund, Hidamari Sketch

Dance in the Vampire Bund 8 starts as a typical post-story arc episode, where things are tidied up, and fortunately, they decide not to make it complete filler. They jump right into the next arc.

And the little filler at the beginning works pretty well. Yuki considers quitting the student council, because it hurts her to see Mina and Akira together, but instead, Mina makes nice with her, even returning the ring she stole from Akira and admitting that he hadn’t really given it to her. I was quite surprised by this; apparently the good Mina was in control that day. And I don’t quite believe Mina’s turnaround, but we’ll see what happens. Anyway, now she has a friend who she can laugh at Akira with.

Then it’s new story arc time! Vampires are sneaking out of the Bund and looking for humans to bite. One of these is Nanami, the student council president, well, former. You can question Mina’s morals all you want, but these guys are just bloodthirsty animals, even if they don’t want to be. Nanami certainly doesn’t, and when she nearly feeds on the boy next door it fills her with shame and remorse.

This would be Telemare’s doing, and the local girl in charge is named Hysterica, which is the best villain name since 11Eyes’ Superbia. Everyone fights, aided by a group called the Beowolf Elite Eight (pretty good, but not matching Hysterica), and little is resolved, except Nanami hasn’t returned to the good guys, even though Mina has offered her aid. Of course, it’s only the beginning of the new arc. It looks promising. There’s the broader story of rebellious vampire factions, but also the human one concerning Namami and her little friend Yuzuru, who hasn’t given up on her.

Hysterica eyebrows.

(After an interruption I only have time for one more show tonight)

Hidamari Sketch last week was all about the love. This week, it’s all about the food, or so the title of part two would have you believe. Eggplant. But the eggplant is a lie.

Apparently they have a crab festival at the school, and all the cafeteria lunches have it. This sets the girls drooling about eating crabs. But Yuno misses lunch, Miyako refuses to eat without her, and by the time they get to the cafeteria it’s all gone.

But Hiro makes them rice with fake crab in it for them later, and all is well. In part two Yuno has a small crisis when the class has to compete with their designs for some random artists. She doesn’t do well, but is reassured by Hiro afterwards. Actually, it goes a bit deeper than that, asking the question “Should you compete in matters of art?” The same question I’ve been asking recently about Nodame Cantabile.

And we see in Yuno’s trepidation during the contest that competing in such things might be bad for a student’s morale. But Yuno has the same reaction when she realizes Yoshinoya is behind her, looking at her (even though Yoshinoya is actually admiring Yuno’s butt), which must happen all the time during art school—the teacher looking over your shoulder at your work, not the butt-watching, though I’m sure that happens too). There’s really no answer for Yuno, though Hiro tries to help by pointing out Sae’s frustrations being a manga artist and having to work with editors. This is a silly, pointless show, one of the reasons I watch it, but they do work in some depth from time to time.


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