An early look at one Spring season show: Working 1

When Working!! appeared as a fansub all I could think was “Wait, the Spring season has started already?” No, turns out to be a preview episode. And I have mixed feelings about it.

I wish people were offering jobs on the street where I live.

Cute little waitress Taneshima is sent out to recruit a part-timer for the restaurant. In a recession where jobs are scarce the fact that they’re desperate for more help seems a little strange. What’s stranger is that she sees no problem in asking total strangers on the street, where she meets Takanashi. Why he takes the job no one seems to know, including Takanashi, but he takes it.

It turns into a “newcomer learning the ropes” episode after that. He meets the eccentric restaurant staff. They mostly don’t show potential as developed characters, though we really don’t learn much of anything about the cooks. They just stay to the side and say sardonic things. The most interesting character is the vice-manager, whose name I didn’t get, who allows herself to say the things every customer service worker has ever wanted to say.

Customer service.

Not to mention kicking a guy who was abusing Taneshima. You wonder how she got to be like that. Does she feel she’s stuck in a nowhere job, and getting older (Takanashi learns the hard way that she’s sensitive about her age)? She could be potential fun to watch. Alas, she’s about the only one. The other characters they spent time with struck me as one-joke characters, including the late arrival, Iname. Maybe the cooks have something up their sleeve. Hard to say after one episode whether this show will pan out. It wasn’t terribly funny, but it was burdened down by being a first episode, where they set situations up. I’ll keep an eye on it when it officially begins in April, but I don’t have high hopes for it.

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