Sora no Woto 10, Hidamari Sketch 9

Sora no Woto 10 explains why Rio has been so distracted recently. She’s third in line for the throne and therefore has diplomatic duties she must fulfill. She’s been avoiding this, but now, with at least one army on the move, she can no longer do so.

What throws me off a little is the odd substory, about Jacotte, an old woman who lives in the mountains and awaits her man and her daughter. Rio thinks she’s out of her mind. Winter is coming and she’s in poor health, but Jacotte insists on waiting in the isolated house anyway. We learn that Rio’s circumstances were the same. Apparently she’s a bastard heir to the throne, and her mother always waited for HIM to reappear. But Jacotte sees no sorrow in this, because she has her memories of him, and she doesn’t mind waiting; it’s what’s keeping her alive.

All well and good, a nice lesson for Rio and Kanata, who tagged along (but why invent that phantom of Jacotte so she would trudge outside after it in the snow, and vanish?), but I don’t understand how that links to Rio’s decision to leave. It’s possible that she was just getting around to making the decision, knowing from the start that she would have to. Nothing in Jacotte’s story seems to prompt this action. True, she’s leaving people who love her, but she’s not running off on them. They’re not dependent on her; Kanata can even play the bugle now.

I suppose it doesn’t matter much. Her departure is a moving scene. A duet of “Amazing Grace” with Kanata on the parapet, giving her her trumpet, words that they’ll meet again. Last minute bonding. While I’m still confused about this episode’s layout I must say that all the scenes are skillfully done, especially the slow realization by Kanata as to Rio’s true identity. I just hope this isn’t the last we see of Rio. She’s one of the best things in the show, and I doubt that the series will start jumping from Seize to the palace, or wherever she winds up.

Was going to do the next Railgun next, but I downloaded the wrong episode … So it’s Hidamari Sketch 9, the show where nothing much happens. In ep9, for no real reason, we are introduced to two more tenants, Riri and Misato.

Why they didn’t introduce them earlier on I don’t know. Maybe because they’re upperclassmen. But they live next door, for crissakes! It’s like they said “Aw, the heck with it, let’s throw in some more people.” Well, whatever. The main story of part one is Sae losing sleep because of her manga work on the side. Nothing happens to resolve it. People just talk a lot about nothing, as usual.

Part two has the class sketching in the mark, Miyako distracted by things like an obstacle course and carp in the river. And they throw stones at a rock in the pond. Yuno strains her arm, and Nazuna fixes it. And they talk a lot. Nothing terribly notable in this episode, except for the two new girls, who might liven things up a little. Hopefully they’ll be back.

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