Sora no Woto 11

Sora no Woto 11 brings the war back to Treize and the girls. While only one shot was fired, we can fully expect more bloodshed next episode. That takes care of the question: is this a post-war story where girl soldiers live like a family, or is it a prelude to something far worse?

We have met the enemy, and she is us.

It starts both peacefully and ominously, with Kanata and Kureha discovering an unconscious enemy soldier while on patrol. At this point it could still be an eccentric episode, with the girls trying to interrogate her—but not too hard, while not telling the authorities. And the girl they captured, Aisha, though they can’t understand what she’s saying (sounds German to me, so why is she part of the Roman army?), turns out not to be the monster they had believed. She can even play Amazing Grace on the trumpet.

But it’s a crisis for everyone, especially Filicia and Noel. Noel’s reasons are still unclear, but we learn she used to be a little genius who innocently helped Helvetia design some nasty weaponry, and then gets to see the result, including Aisha, wounded on the ground. Noel hasn’t been the same since. And it’s suggested that the reason she’s at this little outpost is because she’s hiding. Filicia’s dilemma is one of command. She and everyone else has reached a point where they have no longer have any desire to hurt anyone else, but it would be treason not to report their prisoner. Kureha argues on one side, Kanata on the other, and she makes her decision, only to have the option vanish anyway when bloodthirsty Colonel Hopkins and his division take over the base, and they get a report that the Roman army is approaching.

Here comes your war.

Watching the events unfold here I got feeling of grim despair. No one in this show, the platoon, the townspeople, maybe not even Aisha wants any more war, but it comes tromping in anyway. They are powerless. Anything they accomplished, anyone they’ve loved, may be lost for no reason. They will get war, and they will be its victims.

Or maybe not. For one thing, there’s only one more episode, they just can’t start a new war and have it play out in 25 minutes unless they plan on a second season. On the other hand, there’s so much they have yet to explain that maybe that’s precisely what they want to do, which would be a hell of a thing. Start a series of girl soldiers living like a family and dump a war on them in the last episode, until next season. But they still have the Princess Rio card to play … Oh, who knows?

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