Sora no Woto finale, Hanamaru 8

War is over.

There were many things in Sora no Woto 12 that didn’t make sense, but that was true for the entire series. Frankly, I don’t care too much.

They made much of the idea that the soldiers didn’t want to return to war, only their superiors did, Hopkins (“War advances civilization and science”), the tank commander … And they contrasted that with Kureha’s reluctance to disobey orders, no matter how she really felt. She was a soldier, and soldiers obey orders. But the picture of the war changed significantly through this episode. Rather than country against country, with contrasting takes on the same legend, this began to feel like a small group of people who were going to send their men to die no matter what—never mind about the civilians–when no one else, including their leaders, truly want it.

The girls in battle.

But this wasn’t simply a case of peace and love vs. men with guns, simplistic, hippy wish-dreams. Filicia actually threatened Hopkins with a gun. The girl actually have to go into battle themselves to help spread news of the cease fire that no one was really sure about. Peace is not so easily won, and these often silly girls all know it. They’ve lived through it.

Only Kanata had heard Rio’s trumpet call. Because it’s Kanata, the rest of them (save Kureha) believe it too. And off they go in their spider-tank (Why they took a badly injured Aisha along is anybody’s guess), because they trust her. They also trust, and forgive tormented Noel, for innocently creating those weapons, but the most important forgiveness comes from Aisha, who was one of her victims.

Deus ex big-ass machina

There are things that didn’t work. Recasting the whole angels legend in the current day definitely did not. They hadn’t played up the legends enough for us to remember or care about them too much. Also, it takes away from the fact that the girls and townspeople were acting on their own. They shouldn’t be considered simple pawns in a repeating spiritual cycle. I hate it when fiction plays this trick. As for smaller things, I can’t believe that Kanata’s trumpet would carry over the rumble of armored tanks, or that “Amazing Grace” could suddenly freeze the men like Zentradi encountering Ranka Lee. And no one noticed that a third army was coming onto the scene? Rio’s deus ex machina appearance; I didn’t mind that so much. You know she was going to make it into the episode somehow. I’m sorry she had to get engaged to the Roman Emperor or whoever to help seal the deal, but she did what she had to do for the peace, I guess. I also can’t believe he would permit her to return to Seize and resume her old duties. Some honeymoon …

Yes, you can moan and complain about it all you want, you can even go back to mocking the character designs. I don’t care. I could nitpick Sora no Woto to death, in fact, I just did, but it did way too many things well for me to hold anything against them. The characters were developed naturally, the story unfolded the same way. It was just beautiful to look at. The world they live in is full of life and detail. The strengths far outweighed the weaknesses. I’m sorry it’s over.

I accidently skipped ep8 of Hanamaru Kindergarten, so watched it tonight so I wouldn’t have to think too much. Let’s see, the first part concerns Aoi, whose parents run a fish shop. She loves to watch them work, but they won’t let her help, until the other girls come over and prove they can sell fish with cuteness and knowledge of nutrition.

While this part isn’t much, it was nice to see a girl with working-class parents rather than the suburban mommies they usually feature. Nice, too, that the father is a good man who sees that maybe he’s been neglecting his daughter too much.

Part two is more interesting. Ojou, a yakuza daughter (interesting change in families all around), announces she’s going to marry Tsuchida.

Love how Kusano is enjoying herself in the back.

While it plays out as expected, it does take a couple nice turns. Ojou learns (from the kids, natch) that Tsuchida likes Yamamoto, but when she meets her, she winds up admiring her too much to stand in Tsuchida’s way. Of course, Yamamoto is totally clueless as to what is going on. More fun is that after announcing she’s dropping her proposal of marriage, Anzu freaks out and tells her to keep fighting. I guess she couldn’t resist. That was enough to make it entertaining.

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