Kimi ni Todoke 24, Yumeiro 22, Goodbye Vampire Bund

Kimi ni Todoke 24 was pretty much what I expected it to be, Sawako and Kazehaya walking around together and being nervous. But they throw in a couple nice bits.

At first it’s hard to read Kazehaya’s reaction when he learns the others aren’t showing up. At least for Sawako. He says nothing, just walks along, not making eye contact. Is he mad? Does he feel manipulated? But for us it’s pretty clear he’s just plain tongue-tied and nervous. Sawako slipping and Kazehaya catching her (excellent reflexes!) sort of breaks the ice, but that brief moment of forced intimacy freaks them both out. But before I started to growl and check my watch some familiar people show up.

This is both good and bad. Good, because it adds some humor in a tense scene, bad because I was afraid their little spy mission would overwhelm the rest of the episode. I needn’t have worried. Yano and Yoshida (with Ryuu in tow, desperately wanting to drink amazake) do indeed have some comic moments trying not to be discovered, while keeping other classmates from spotting the cute couple. They continue in this way for about half the episode, then vanish before they wear out their welcome. Now there’s only half an episode of nervous talk to endure. Well done, girls!

The rest of the episode, fortunately, is less nervous than I had expected. They exchange email addresses. Kazehaya asks about Sawako’s childhood. They’re talking around what they really feel, waiting for an opening. Sawako’s text to Kazehaya, thanking him for the year, was a lovely moment. If she couldn’t say it out loud, at least she could phone it in. Kazehaya announces he’s wearing the belly-warmer Sawako gave him. Also, Sawako becomes introspective and thinks back on all that happened, blissfully happy that she’s sharing time with Kaezhaya. This is not nervousness, these are fond memories.

Judging from the previews there will be more of the same next week. I believe it’s the final one, too. Want to guess what happens?

Yumeiro Pattisiere 22 moves away from the Grand Prix and back to the kids meddling in adults’ lives. This time it’s the dorm supervisors, a married couple who have a spat about retiring. I have little to say about it.

... so here's a bit of fairy mistreatment for your viewing pleasure.

But the embellishments are entertaining. The featured sweet is baumkuchen, and we get to see two different ways to prepare it. In fact, they spend more time with this sweet than they usually do, which I found refreshing. Also, the wife has retreated to the girl’s dorm, so the boys can’t talk to her. Ichigo must do the meddling herself. They cook baumkuchen and try to show the wife’s feelings thorugh it, just like most episodes. The husband’s tastes have changed to preferring a bitter taste, though what that has to with anything I don’t know. It’s the wife who’s trying to leave the husband. All right, it’s confusing, and yes, I admit to being confused by a kid show. So I’ll leave it to Chocolat, who has the best line.

I started to watch Vampire Bund … and stopped. I have absolutely no desire to watch any more of this series. No strength to go through another story arc. Dropped.

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