Kimi ni Todoke Finale, Letter Bee just won’t end.

Kimi ni Todoke ends the way everyone expects, without going as far as a first kiss. But can you imagine Sawako or Kazehaya brave enough for that step?

A brief hand-holding will have to do.

The episode itself runs pretty much like the one before it. The two would-be lovebirds talking, doing the New Year things, cutting occasionally to Yano or Yoshida for more lighthearted things. Thank heavens, because nothing much happens between Sawako and Kazehaya at all. All the same, the little things are huge for both of them. The moment he takes her hand to guide her down some slippery steps, even the announcement that they had a good time seems to take on a profound significance. Was this what it was like during adolescence? I’m too far away from it to remember.

Fortunately, along with the side characters’ antics, the episode also provided Sawako and Kazehaya some nice comic moments. Good thing, too; the comic moments with the other characters didn’t always work. Yano’s is pretty much wasted, stuck with a minor character until he’s dragged off, and then squaring off against Pin (who once again appears out of nowhere). This was a final episode. She deserved better. Yoshida and Ryuu (who’s middle name should be “Amazake”) do better, visiting the shrine together and reaffirming … whatever it is they have. Too early to tell.

So after 25 episodes what do we have? Nothing in the romance department, certainly. Odd for a high school romantic comedy. But we do have Sawako’s growing maturity and confidence, and they’ve set the stage for more to come. For surely you don’t think this is really the end of the series, do you? So, until the inevitable part two, here’s goodbye to Sawako and the gang.

My favorite 'cute' picture of Sawako.

I thought I’d be closing two series tonight. I thought Letter Bee 25 was the final episode in the series, but apparently there’s a few more. Probably not enough to actually clear up everything, and this episode annoyed me about as much as the last one did. I don’t know if I have the patience.

Have I told you already how much I hate this plot device?

I made a mistake in my last Letter Bee post. I said we got to see the gaichuu’s memories. Wrong. Turns out they belonged to hunt. Naturally, it blows Sarah’s scheme wide open, as the townspeople see she’s been lying all this time. The fact that she did it to survive, and protect Hunt, doesn’t matter to them, but they are a mob, after all. Rather a small one, but a mob nonetheless, and they have rocks. There are touching scenes of people protecting each other, sorrys and thank you’s, and once again the story arc ends in the middle of the episode.

Niche! Where the hell have you been?

And where was Niche during all this? She had drunk the poisoned water and lost her powers, but Hunt was healing her. Still, we don’t get a glimpse of her until everything’s over. Letter Bee’s most effective character and they don’t use her for almost two episodes? Tsk.

There’s more. Returning home, Lag and Niche encounters Gauche, except he calls himself Noir now. When Lag asks too many questions Noir shoots him with an amber spirit gun for no reason. Meanwhile, his dingo Roda battles and antagonizes Niche up on the rocks. Again for no real reason. Then they leave, and Lag cries again. Meanwhile I was wondering what the hell was that for a series finale. But again, it really wasn’t. All I can say is I hope they wrap it up somehow soon. I’ve come close to dropping Letter Bee many times. I can try to endure a couple more episodes, but my patience is wearing thin.

2 thoughts on “Kimi ni Todoke Finale, Letter Bee just won’t end.

  1. Ooh. You’ll be missing out on a lot if you drop it. The first season ends like that because the second season opens on that very scene. Didn’t you see the after-credits? There’s a second season which is awesome. A lot of twists and it explains why Gauche became Noir. Watch it so you’ll know. ^_^

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s a bit too late, since I wrote this post over a year ago! It’s beautiful to look at, and Niche is a fun character, but I wasn’t that into the story, and there were script issues that plagued the series. I thought it was a good time to hop off the Letter Bee Train.

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