Neko Overrun 2

After two episodes of Mayoi Neko Overrun, I’m not sure what I’m watching. Oh, I know what it’s supposed to be: A high school comedy where a cat girl is taken in by an adolescent boy’s sister, leading to lots of fanservice and angry tsundere side character antics, that much is obvious. But it’s the whole approach to the cliches that I can’t quite figure out.

Spotting the naked girl scene--check.

They have the obligatory scenes. The gang arriving at work to find the girl, Nozomi Kiriya, naked, Takumi’s struggle to contain his adolescent lusts, Fumino’s alternate support of Nozomi and adolescent rages, dirty comments by the show’s resident pervert Ieyasu … They even have Nozomi transfer into school! Just about every scene we’ve seen before is included, and like most such shows, most of them aren’t terribly funny.

But it feels different. Not in a clever way. It all seems off. The timing feels wrong. There are scenes that don’t need to be there, like Chise trying to form a club. It’s like we’re watching a dress rehearsal for a fanservice and tsundere-laden comedy show, rather than the finished product.

Nozomi is popular with her new classmates--check.

And I don’t think I mind that much, at least for now. Maybe the strange flow of this series is more appealing, or maybe it’s that I rather like Takumi (well, he IS kinda bland), Fumino, and Chise, and that’s making up for it. And there’s still the mystery of what Nozomi really is. She’s slightly otherworldy and skilled at everything she undertakes, whether it’s decorating cakes or petting Chise on the head. There are indeed things I like in this series, so I’ll wait for some more development.


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