Heroman 3, K-ON 2

In Heroman 3 the Skruggs begin their formal invasion. They shoot things which blow up. That should be fun, but it isn’t. It’s too one-sided.

First the cops shoot at them. Nothing happens. Then tanks. They get wiped out. Then it’s helicopters, they get blown up. Planes with missiles. Guess what? The show had done a good job showing the threat up to then, but by the time they got to the larger weapons we all know it don’t do a damn bit of good. We’re just waiting for Heroman to show up.

But all Joey wants to do is check on his grandma. You can question his choices if you want. Surely he must realize that he has the only weapon that’ll do anything against the Scruggs (or maybe he doesn’t. He doesn’t see most of the battle, only a helicopter exploding, late in the episode), but you want to make sure your loved ones are all right, I guess. To spice up the situation, Will, the asshole, decides to be brave. Sure, his motives are suspect—he doesn’t want Joey to be the hero—but who cares about motives when your world is in danger? Off he goes to infiltrate the Skrugg mothership. Good for him. Who says you can’t have two heroes, or more?

Finally, to save his grandma, or at least her house, and for apparently no other reason, Joey Heromans up. An odd moment when a Skrugg is about to fire its big weapon, for Joey runs in front of Heroman and announces he’ll fight, too. I thought he was fighting by controlling Heroman, but apparently there’s more to this weaponry than I thought. Anyway, they beat up a handful of Skruggs, never mind the hundreds more that are laying waste to the town, and grandma is saved. I’m not sure Joey has got this situation in the right perspective.

I don’t know why. I know K-ON!! is a slice-of-life show that likes to meander, but for some reason ep2 got on my nerves. It started well enough, with the girls deciding to clean the storage room, and Yui discovering Sawako’s old guitar. Sawako donates it to the club and they go off to get it appraised—only to wind up in a home center.

Please, just order the shelving and go.

Naturally they spend too much time there looking at everything. Now, Hidamari Sketch had a scene almost exactly like this, but I didn’t find it nearly as annoying. Mainly because they didn’t spend so much time or make such asses of themselves. Besides, weren’t they going to sell a guitar?

When, FINALLY, they do get it appraised they learn it’s worth 500,000 yen. They’re rich! Greed takes them over. Too bad they have to report back to Sawako, where, strangely, these nice girls can’t bring themselves to tell her the price.

Yui tries eating the receipt.

I didn’t think any one of these girls would be so underhanded. And if Sawako had realized that she owned such an expensive item I wonder if she would have donated it. Well, she does allow them to buy one item, which just happens to be a soft-shelled turtle Yui was admiring at the store, claiming that it will be the junior club member Azusa always wanted. Don’t know if she’s happy with the arrangement—it’s not like she can teach a turtle guitar—but she accepts it.

Again, nothing really wrong with this episode, but it bugged me throughout. The turtle bugged me. So did the girls’ greed and the trip to the home center. Or maybe I’m just in a bad mood right now, though I don’t remember Heroman bugging me this much. But I do remember that the original series had moments like this, moments that made me wonder why I was watching it.


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