K-ON!! 3, Heroman 4

The last episode of K-ON!! bugged me, and I remembered that the previous series often did for the same reason. I don’t mind digressions and pointless bits, after all, I liked Hidamari Sketch, but with K-ON I find my teeth gritting when they would just digress and digress forever. Ep3 has more of the same, but it didn’t bother me nearly so much. I have no idea why.

The drummer's lament.

Maybe it’s because the episode worked around a simple premise and the digressions didn’t veer too far from it (apart from Sawako’s quest to look even younger and more radiant, and those scenes felt like little interludes and didn’t pull away from the main story); Ritsu is tired of being in the background. She wants to play another instrument for a change. The scenes where she tries work well. There’s a nice interplay between the characters, and it’s only appropriate that she would discover a scary sound on the keyboard and freak out Mio.

The scenes where they try to draw attention to her work even better, partly because their answers are mostly sensible. Why NOT put the drums front and center? Why NOT put more light on her (though the attempt above might be the wrong approach …)? Drummers should be properly lit, anyway! It also works because each bit is funny, and because it’s always nice to see the girls band together to help a single member with her problems.

Patiently waiting for her.

You know what’s going to happen; Ritsu’s going to rediscover her love of drums. But that’s not the point. It’s the means to the end, and it works pretty well. Also, though the girls’ talk of guitars and pedals and whatnot go whoosh over my head, I used to drum a little. So when they name-check Keith Moon and Cozy Powell, two flamboyant drummers who would take the spotlight for their own (they only left out Carl Palmer), I nodded my head. Besides, a DVD of Keith Moon playing would make anyone want to drum.

So, I liked ep1, disliked ep2, liked ep3. I expect to hate the next episode.

Heroman 4 continues with its tense yet silly story. The Scrugg launch their next offensive, rolling a giant sphere on the city.

Okay, it’s destructive and all, but surely it’s easy to get out of its way. Joey and Denton have no problem doing just that. But naturally it’s heading straight for the school where the refugees are kept. So Heroman snaps into action. This happens after an overlong scene where Denton talks at length about how he’s learned nothing about the Scruggs from their weaponry. I’m not sure how useful Denton’s going to be for this show. Oh, he has one good idea about opening up a big hole where there’s a subway being built, but the sphere gets out of it. Not his fault, but he better get his ass in gear being the super-scientist he’s supposed to be and help mankind out. If he can’t do that he’s a waste of time of a character, his sense of responsibility notwithstanding.

Anyway, Heroman does a new power-up and manages to slow the sphere until the refugees escape, then lets it go. He appears to have limits as well. What’s he going to do now that there are MORE spheres rolling out?

That part is straightforward struggling and being heroic, etc. I find the side story about Will and sniveling Nick just as interesting. They sneak into the enemy base! Like last week, I don’t care what his motivations are. I don’t care if he’s doing it for the glory. He’s doing something brave. He’s taking the offensive. Not even Joey and Heroman have done that. And Nick does something out of character for him (besides tagging along in a dangerous situation): he reaches into some glop and pulls out a weapon. Well done, Nick, even if Will takes the weapon from you. Why didn’t they get more of them? Okay, they’re dumb heroes, but Denton’s plan to stop the sphere didn’t work either. This is a learning process for everyone. Too bad they’re captured when the weapon stops working. At least Will trash-talks the head Skrugg a little. Looking forward to how this part of the plot resolves.

Not that I’m not liking the main Heroman plot, but I wonder if I’m supposed to be taking such an interest in Will?


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