K-ON!! 4

K-ON!! 4 veers back into annoying-land for me, even though, like last week, it had a single premise and pretty much stuck to it.

I don’t mind the pointlessness of many K-ON scenes, that’s the way the show operates. But what drives me crazy is the fact that the girls are seniors (something they like to stress in each episode) but behave like, as Mio puts it, twelve year-olds. I’m not expecting saintly behavior from them, but surely they have more emotional maturity than they show in this episode. This bugged me in episode 2, and it bugged me further here (K-ON is going like the Star Trek movies, only the odd-numbered ones are good and the even ones bad).

Behaving like idiots on the train, going to the first musical instrument shop they come across, running off to see monkeys, trying to talk like Kyoto residents … Sawako tries to reign them in and fails every time. Mio, who considers Yui and Ritsu her charges, eventually joins them. Naturally they get lost and it gets dark (okay, they’re not the only group which gets lost, but still …)

You have to feel sorry for Sawako. They just won’t listen to her. Because of them, other students are beginning to call her “Sawa-chan,” hardly a thing you’d call your teacher. It takes some torture on her part to get Yui to shut up, and a late-night lecture. All I can say is I’m glad I wasn’t on that field trip.


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