Durarara! 16, B Gata H Kei 5

Durarara! 16 certainly is an eventful one, at least in terms of its revelations. Unfortunately much of it is buried beneath the concept of a blade procreating with people.

This might take a while.

So let me get this straight: Saika, the blade, can only love by slashing people, the only concrete way for a knife to display anything. The slashed human then shares its love, gets a blade of its own, and goes off to slash more people. All for love! What I’m not getting is why are they spreading now? What’s the catalyst for it? No matter, they are, and soon there are people out there who are targeting certain people, like Shizuo. But how will slashing him in order to get his strength work? Will the slasher immediately become stronger? How does the gene-work, er, work? Does everyone share the genetic traits of each of the victims? Hey! What about if Isaac or Miria get slashed. What happens then? Ah, I’m not going to think about it for now. And along the way there’s a lot of talk about loving people. Anyway, Shinra hypothesizes that each Saika is a descendent of a single “mother” blade. Shizuo and Celty go off to lure it to them.

Just what Durarara needs--another weirdo character.

Meanwhile, Anri gets a visitor, Haruna, the girl who Takashi the teacher made out with before moving to someone else. Now it’s time to examine Anri’s role in all this, because it’s become clear that she has one. There’s more talk about love and murder, a complication arises, and now it’s Takashi’s turn to have a possessed nutball threatening him while talking about love. I’ve never seen a show where so many discussions about love happen at knifepoint. All I know is that Haruna’s knife must certainly be Saika, at least that’s the assumption until …

… Which explains a lot, sort of. We don’t know much about her parents’ death, though we get a couple of quick images while she explains it. She doesn’t quite explain why she can control the blade, unless it’s because, as she says, she’s afraid to love. That would make her quite the strongest person in the entire show. It’s always the quiet ones …

This episode was full of confrontations and threats, but in its heart it’s an exposition episode. Never mind Shizuo’s odd decision to start liking himself. Some of the stuff we learn is pushing the limits for even this show, not that I’m going to stop watching it now. I want to see Shizuo take on a hundred maniacs!

B Gata H Kei tells two stories, and fulfills yet another anime cliché, Valentine’s Day chocolate. To keep it short, both Yamada and Miharu make chocolates for Kosuda, but are too embarrassed to give them to him. The only nice part is that Kosuda has learned enough about Yamada to suspect the box of poorly-made chocolates left in the mailbox was her doing, and calls them “unique.” The second story gets raunchier.

This bit of self-referential humor was the only laugh in the episode.

Yamada decides to go to school without panties, and regrets it. Oh, I am so close to dropping this series. This episode dragged so much it seemed to take an hour. Yamada’s mood swings are beginning to bug me. She’s actually more interesting when she doesn’t obsess about sex. Kosuda does nothing, is just acted upon, and thus is not very interesting. The god of sex character is annoying. I don’t know if the rival character they’ll bring up next week will improve things. And I’m watching too many shows anyway. I’ll just have to make up my mind this week.


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