Giant Killing 5

Giant Killing 5 finishes up the eventful preseason game. Tsubaki is up to his old tricks, other players step up, and we learn a little more about Tatsumi’s mindset.

Dude! That's your goalie!

Let’s start out with Tsubaki. At halftime of course he’s down on himself, but is reassured by the others and told by Tatsumi not to hold back. And he doesn’t. But his inexperience shows often, and he follows that with outright stupidity, and Tokyo Victory scores again. Was he so intent on the ball that he couldn’t even tell see his own goalie? Even I wouldn’t have done that!

Well, that’s it for him this game.

The rest of the team, however, feels otherwise. Tatsumi studies their attitudes after the goal. By now he’s already used up all his reserves. It seems to me (being a bloody yank) that a soccer coach really can’t do much once the play begins. It’s the players who have to make the tactical changes as they play. What Tatsumi can do, however, is give the players a mindset along with the pregame strategies. In other words, it’s more psychological than anything else once play begins. So how will the players respond, down 2-1 to the defending champs with five minutes left?

That's more like it.

They respond in their own way, or rather, Murakoshi does. Not being able to order the teammates around any more he takes charge with his play and scores the equalizer. A draw!

Now we get to look more at Tatsumi. Yes, he can’t do much during the game, but we see the extent of his work during it anyway. The team has a better mindset now. And he has seen enough of Murakoshi when it counts to return the captaincy to him, in spite of the fact that Murakoshi hates him. He knows that Murakoshi is considered “Mr. ETU” by the fans. Murakoshi simply had to earn it.

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