Tatami Galaxy 2, K-ON!! 5

The Tatami Galaxy 2 tells what the structure of the entire series is going to be like. Each episode our hero joins a different club and has similar misadventures. And I was worried.

The first thing that sprang to mind was “My god, another Endless 8!” but it isn’t as bad as that. Though some scenes repeat, they add self-referential touches to keep it fresh. Also, the episode doesn’t end with a mob throwing him off the bridge. I think I would have stopped watching if the results of each episode were too similar.

This time he joins the movie club, only to find that it’s ruled by an eighth year student named Jougasaki, who only wants to make Hollywood-style films with him as the lead. The hero (I wish he had a name so I could call him something) manages to make some arty flicks which no one likes except Akashi, the one girl in the club who seems to understand him. She still thinks his films are worthless, but she did not hate them. Meanwhile, Ozu prompts him to make a revenge flick and sneak it into the screening of Jougasaki’s latest epic.

Okay, I said, it’s going to backfire and he’s going to get thrown over the bridge, but to my surprise, it works. Jougasaki is publicly humiliated and our hero manages to escape. But though the end is less dramatic, his feelings at the end are that of failure and regret, because he didn’t live up to the promises he made to Akashi. There’s that little toy that’s hanging from his lamp fixture, which presumably belongs to her (which we saw last week) and he didn’t make the “true” film he said he would, or rather, he’s to embarrassed to show it to her. I wouldn’t want anyone to see a scene with me kissing Ozu, either.

So, what’s going to happen? Is it going to be episode after episode of the hero screwing up and not getting the girl (for obviously that is what this series is about)? Frankly, I don’t know how excited I am by that prospect. Maybe this is a little more like “Endless Eight” than I thought.

For me, every other episode of K-ON!! is good. One and three were good. Two and four drove me crazy. Would five live up to the pattern? … Yeah, pretty much.

Well, some parts dragged a little ...

While the upperclassmen are making asses of themselves on their field trip, the young ‘uns are left behind. Ui’s without her beloved big sister, Azusa is without her club, and they feel in a bit of a vacuum. They’re joined by classmate Jun and decide to hang out overnight so none of them will feel lonely. And basically that’s what the episode is all about. They retrieve Yui’s lunchbox, they eat, they wonder what the hell to do with themselves, go to an entertainment center, feed the turtle, this, that and other things, while constantly interrupted by texts sent by Yui.

Not that nothing happens. It was nice to see Azusa get a bit of attention. She helps the girls in the Jazz Club, something she is unable to do in the Light Music Club. And the three become better friends. She won’t be so alone next year when the upperclassmen graduate after all.

So, yeah, not a bad episode as K-ON!! goes. Maybe it was because I got a small break from Yui.


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