House of Five Leaves 3, Angel Beats 6

Very little to say about House of Five Leaves 4, and that’s due to my own inattention and laziness. I’m beginning to have trouble keeping track of the relationships. Also, no one tells Akitsu anything.

Akitsu is hired by a rice merchant family to be a bodyguard, which he is happy to do. It seems to be simple work, and the family is nice enough, not dysfunctional as the other families Five Leaves have targeted so far. He even makes friends with the son of one of the maids, Yuutarou. He can’t believe Five Leaves would be interested in this relatively happy lot.

But things change. Matsu, the spy, had not discerned that the boy is the son of the master’s mistress, while his wife is unable to conceive, making Yuutaru the heir. The plan is now to kidnap the boy. Akitsu knows nothing of this, just innocently delivers some drugged rice cakes for the boy to eat.

Akitsu, you weren't supposed to eat them, too!

Here’s where I began to lose track. Okay, the barren mother set this up, and she intends to make it not a kidnapping, but a murder. Looks like the family is more dysfunctional than I had thought. But the kidnappers are NOT Five Leaves, but a hired group. Where did they come from? What’s their relationship to everything? How does the kid know Yaichi? Why didn’t Akitsu know Matsu was part of the gang? Does Five Leaves even know it was a murder plot? I guess I’m not playing close enough attention.

And while the kidnappers decide to spare the kid, he now has no place to go and no one he can trust. And that’s how it ends. Will they get back to it next time? Probably not. It’s hard getting a grip on this. Will this story continue next week?

Angel Beats 6 doesn’t make a lot of sense, either. Released from the Reflection Room, the SSS tries to figure out its next move against the aggressive Naoi. For now, they would go to class and behave normally.

Typical classroom behavior.

In other words, the SSS gets their silly going. Otonashi, feeling bad for Angel, takes the time to treat her to her favorite spicy dish, and they get tossed into a jail cell for her trouble. Meanwhile we learn that Naoi is beginning to massacre the SSS outside. The show gets very interesting here, as Otonashi and Angel have a little talk and he begins to take in her loneliness. Most of the student body are ciphers, pretend people, and the real people don’t to move on to the next level. So they avoid her. It’s a nice little scene.

I began to lose it once Otonashi convinces Angel to help out the SSS. We discover that Naoi is a twisted little person who believes his sad life qualifies him for godhood, but he’s real person. His own sob story makes little sense and is less horrific than Yurippe’s, at least. (He also has hypnotic powers, but that part is unexplained) Otonashi does the old reaching out routine and accepts him for what he is. I can sort of understand this. Naoi is a real person, and so deserves respect. But Naoi is also a cruel psychopath whom I wouldn’t trust in any situation. How much respect should they give him? On the other hand, I guess, what can they do? He can’t “die” in this world.

I wonder if this is the last we’ll see of Naoi? I kind of hope they don’t ignore him after this. He’s not a very interesting character, but the thought of having to live with such a creature would give the show a fresh angle to work with. It’ll also be interesting to see what happens to Angel.


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