Exhausted, I watch Maid-Sama 6

Two exams down, one to go. I’m brain-dead, so it’s only one episode tonight, and it can’t be anything weighty. So Kaichou wa Maid-Sama it is. Alas, I was hoping for a refreshing episode that will inspire me, but episode 6 is a lot of nothing.

Misaki mysteriously inherits five brothers who worship everything she does. Calling themselves the Ayuzawa Cram School, they follow her around school and take notes. She’s both annoyed, because they won’t leave her alone, and flattered because whatever the hell is in their heads, they’re sincere and enthusiastic. Of course, it’s a pain when they insist on following her to her job, still a secret from all but four students.

The episode doesn’t work very well because it meanders around the main point. Misaki thinks their esteem toward her will drop if they find out she’s a maid. She doesn’t want to disappoint them. Usui thinks she’s just afraid of possible scorn. No matter that the four students who DO know about her job haven’t told a soul, and three of them worship the ground she walks on. But the whole question gets considered in too many scenes without doing much of anything about it. We wait and wait for her to make her decision. And in the end Usui injures himself to prevent the Ayuzawa Cram School finding out. So nothing is resolved.

Oh, I almost forgot. Usui confesses. So THAT happens. But with a show with so much else going on in Misaki’s life, it feels like an afterthought.

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