Five Leaves 4, Daimaou 6, Working!! 6

House of Five Leaves 4 gives us brief scenes of how Yaichi slowly put his group together, and beyond that does little but bring up more complications for our hapless ronin Akitsu.

Akitsu still doesn’t consider himself a part of Five Leaves, and he hasn’t yet sent any of his ill-gotten gains to his family. Yet he continues to do about anything Yaichi asks him to, including moving into the brothel where Yaichi hangs out to be a paid bodyguard. It’s becoming clearer that he’s simply too curious about Yaichi to back out, which puts him into uncomfortable situations. He tries to ask the others about Yaichi. Matsu (who, in a flashback, meets Yaichi while on the run from the authorities) is vague. Even though he dislikes Akitsu, Ume is more open, but doesn’t tell him much of use, only that he’s getting dissatisfied. Otake is just as unhelpful.

Yaichi himself looks like he is about ready to open up, but doesn’t. But doesn’t. As one of the prostitutes says, “Everyone has their own reasons for being here.” But considering the pasts that most of the characters have, it’s not a good idea to start talking about it. Pure, innocent Akitsu is alone in this.

There’s another hitch. Akitsu has been feeling weird. His legs aren’t working right and feel dead. He stumbles a few times. It might be that he isn’t eating, or he’s suffering from what Yaichi calls “Edo Agony,” whatever that is. Googling doesn’t find anything I can use. I don’t know if it’s going to play a part in the ongoing story, but it’s good to note.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 6 is a mish-mosh as they crank up the next story arc. Meanwhile, the fanservice is really starting to bug me.

We start right off with story and fanservice. Korone, being artificial, must follow orders, I suppose. And you begin to wonder again if anyone save Akuto doesn’t have an uterior motive. The school moves, inexplicably, to the beach and you know what that means, especially with one character intent on seducing Akuto. Even before the beach she tries various strategies, playing this role and that to attract him. When they get to the beach it gets even worse.

Korone doesn't mind involving others in her seduction attempts.

So we get Korone dropping her top, pulling down Junko’s top, and there’s a scene involving a sea cucumber that left me shaking my head. They manage to do a few other things: Akuto begins to wonder about his feelings for Keena, there’s a demon lord legend about the island that must be investigated, and there’s a conspiracy to knock off Akuto, probably having to do with the legend. There’s also intrigue concerning different factions, and Peterhausen the dragon gets some good lines. But really it’s a mess until nearly the end, where Akuto tries to track down some noises and Korone appears to be shot. I suppose that’s enough for now to keep me watching; maybe they’ll go for the straightforward action next time.

In Working!! 6 we spend some quality time with Souta’s sisters: Kazue, the bossy one, Izumi, the depressed romance novelist, Kozue, the lush, and Nazuna, who plays the “youngest sister card” a lot, but who is actually quite together and practical.

The Takanashi brother and sisters, minus Nazuna.

We see the dynamics of this dysfunctional household, and it’s a little better than I had feared, and a little worse. Better in that it isn’t just four girls picking on their brother all the time. They bicker amongst themselves as well. Kazue tries to keep everyone in line, but everyone is so strange that they can’t do much to change. While Souta is indeed henpecked, he comes out looking more like the straight man. And his sisters do need him around to help buffer the clashes between them. Unfortunately, the characters are all so many types, and their routines begin to repeat and grow stale after a while.

Breaking up these scenes before they become too tedious, we get back to the girls Souta works with. Okay, they’re pretty shallow, too. It’s White Day, and Souta goes around giving gifts to them and we get a chance to look at their reactions. Incidently, this is the first episode where Inami doesn’t hit anyone, though she does crush a pillar. Really, it’s no more than a chance for them to develop the Inami-crush-on-Souta angle, but the scenes are nicely done, especially when Inami, walking home with Souta, encounters Kazue, who roughs Souta up. Inami feels a little sorry for him. Add to this the bits where we see Inami, touched by Souta’s gift, being completely unable to deal with this emotion in a way we can understand (though her mother mentions how happy she’s acting). So, in the end, we see that Souta gets a lot of grief from women in his life, but also how he’s making their daily lives a little happier.

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