Durarara!! 18, K-ON!! 7

So, several episodes ago in Durarara!! we had Mikado turning into a hero of sorts, and this episode we see Masaomi was once a coward. Nothing particularly interesting. They’re laying out the structure for the new story arc.

An Izaya speech hits too close to home, for once.

And we get speeches, weird ones. We start with another of Izaya’s as he plots his next move in the current day. Then we go flashbacking to Izaya and Masaomi, where the former gives another weird speech, this one about how guilt over Saki’s condition would turn her into a diety for Masaomi. Then we flashback from the flashback and see Masaomi meet Izaya for the first time, and then Saki. This time it’s Masaomi with the extravagant speech.

My reaction to many speeches on this show.

What it all boils down to is that the rival Blue Scarves abduct Saki and break her legs, and Masaomi, running there to save her, freezes in fear. Good thing for Saki the guys in the van find out, and we get the most entertaining scene of the episode, with another little speech. Martin’s so into it he even opens his eyes a little.

Martin's speech is perhaps the most abstract.

Kyohei gets one, too–okay, his is more of a straight conversation. All we really learn from all this is that Masaomi is filled with regret and guilt and wants nothing to do with gangs anymore, yet he’s been pulled in again, because of what happened to Anri (not knowing that she’s now the leader of the group that threatened her). Oh, and that Izaya is a manipulating bastard. There would be no story advancement at all if Anri hadn’t spied on a Gold Scarves meeting and seen him.

Oh, for those who want more action, you can catch a clip of Baccano! on a jumbo-tron.

K-ON!! 7 is the third good episode in a row. What’s gotten into them? This one is especially rewarding if you like to watch Mio squirm, not that I have a particular interest in that, but it IS fun, and they manage to sustain it with few drops.

Mio thinks she has a stalker. The rest of the HTT dismiss it, but it turns out it’s happened in the past, and that Mio actually has a fan club, with cards and everything. And we get a flashback to last year when Mio went to the student council president Sokuba, to tell her about the original stalker, only to learn it was Sokuba herself, and that she was the fan club president.

This is embarrassing enough for poor Mio, but then the band decide to hold a tea party for the club, with Mio as the star. This allows her to be humiliated in a number of ways. She enters like a bride coming to the altar (There’s even a giant wedding cake), there are souvenirs (Mio back-scratchers!), a humiliating Q/A, even a slideshow showing “the first half of Mio’s life.” Naturally, and to our delight, Mio becomes a wreck.

Mio looks up at the first half of her life.

On the other hand, it’s for her. And it isn’t just done for the fans; you get the sense that her bandmates are doing it because they love her themselves. And if they can’t resist a little teasing, well that’s HTT for you. The episode is almost completely successful. Like the best K-ON episodes, it’s fluid and funny, and injects the sweetness and sentimentality in consistent little doses.


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