Arakawa 7

I can find very little to say about Arakawa Under the Bridge 7. I was wrong last time in saying that Recruit had abandoned his plan to become a teacher. The first thing we get (apart from Nino musing on whales) is his debut class, with the metal kids and Nino. Naturally, it goes wrong from the start.

Then Stella comes along and disrupts things further, claiming he’s on her turf and demanding ransom. But her eccentricity, like all the others, is a filter through which more normal human emotions come. She’s angry that Recruit stole the boys, and now she’s lonely.

We then turn to Piko, who almost kills Recruit twice while trying to harvest her garden, and then announces that she’s going to get her drivers license. This leads to uncertainty that she won’t kill everyone on the road with her. Some business with the Chief, whereupon we learn that Piko has a crush on him, and he can lengthen his hair. Piko talks about how the Chief is not normal yet is not normal, or something like that, and we leave with Recruit pondering “what IS normal, anyway.” A question this show has been asking since the beginning, and only now is it getting through Recruit’s head. Not much of an episode. Though Recruit is freaking out less and less, he’s now become the straight man for a bunch of oddballs, and in episodes like this it wears thin.


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