Durarara!! 19

Durarara 19, hmm, not much to say about it. Basically all that happens is they turn the screws a little, or maybe it’s Izaya doing the screwing.

Part of it is flashback. Lots of scenes of Mikado, Anri and Masaomi walking along, when the latter suddenly gets a call and runs off, claiming something’s come up. The other two are concerned, especially Anri, which is why she goes off to the meeting only to get spotted. As for Masaomi, he’s hating this whole thing, yet determined to get revenge on the slashers for hurting Anri. Meanwhile, his gang is getting out of control. We learn later (from Izaya) that members of the Blue Squares eventually joined the Gold Scarves, so that the people who badly injured his old girlfriend are now his comrades, a fact he doesn’t know, since he couldn’t bring himself to come to her rescue. So basically he’s a leader of an increasingly violent gang that he knows he can’t control.

The sad part is none of the groups have to fight. Anri has control of the slashers now. In fact, there are slashers among the Yellow Scarves. There are Dollars among the Scarves, too, or maybe it’s the other way around. The Dollars is essentially benign, and it’s interesting that the show’s independent forces for good (Celty, Simon, Shizuo, the guys in the van) are all Dollars members. The Yellow Scarves, know hardly any of this; right now they’re determined to lash out at something. They get a false clue when Celty rescues Anri, who has whipped out her slasher sword. Aha! A Dollars member with the Slasher! They must be in cahoots! You can almost hear Izaya chuckling.

This doesn’t bode well for anyone. Expect more violence next episode, and chances are Simon won’t be around to help.

Good to see you, Simon! Where you been?

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