Daimaou 8

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 8 is a mish-mosh of secret plans and monsters, oh, and Akuto and Keena.

Really, there are several storylines going on in this episode. We have Eiko and someone plotting … something. There’s an odd one concerning Junko’s possible marriage to Akuto, which takes Junko by surprise. There are further adventures of Hiroshi/Brave. There’s Fujiko, planning to control the loose monsters and subsequent tentacle rape in the dragon’s lair. But mostly it’s about Keena, and Akuto’s conflicting feelings about her. Keena is the ditziest girl in the show, and in spite of that bit of jewelry Akuto might have given her years ago, you get the feeling that these two probably shouldn’t end up together. Akuto is worried about her skipping classes and hanging out with him—it can’t be good for her reputation. It’s not that Keena doesn’t care, instead she seems absolutely clueless about it. She also does incredibly weird and stupid things, like stealing the monster’s egg from Fujiko’s room. Why does she do it? Because she likes egg with her rice … Absolutely clueless …

Now that the demon lord has been awakened, so to speak, monsters are proliferating. We meet the tentacled one early on, and the giant two-headed chicken later. It’s interesting that when Akuto meets the latter he does next to nothing against it except drive it off. It’s Brave who dispatches the chicken, to the delight of the city crowd, not to mention Yuri, an idol singer he has a crush on. It’s not much of a battle but it was nice to get some sustained action going.

This isn't the action I was referring to.

Because after that there’s more foreboding talk, this time by Lily, and more Junko marriage stuff. The episode just wandered aimlessly around, getting nowhere.

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