Heroman 9, K-ON!! 8, Maid-Sama 9

At last, Heroman 9 brings us the exciting conclusion to the global bowling-ball crisis! Who will stop them first? Minami, or Denton? But before that we have some unfinished business concerning Kogorr and an unconscious Joey. Kogorr is banging Heroman up a lot, but Joey isn’t dead yet and comes to his rescue. Kogorr bangs up Joey for awhile, until he falls from quite a height and is most certainly dead.

Heroman goes into beserker mode, turns lobster-red (all those fires within, I suppose) and proceeds to pound the shit out of Kogorr. Instead of saying good riddance, Denton and Psy are appalled. But Joey, who still isn’t dead yet, flashes his baby-blues and Heroman settles down. But Kogorr has learned Joey’s trick of not being dead yet, so Heroman beats him up some more, but he’s nicer about it. So is Kogorr. Instead enslaving the planet, he decides he’ll just blow up the base and everything in it.

Next is the race to stop the bowling balls from rolling over the White House. This one is a bit odd because the rivals want the same thing. It’s just that Minami wants to have the bowling ball tech for himself. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “What cool technology is Minami going to show us?” Which makes it all the more disappointing that Denton powers down the bowling balls from the collapsing enemy base, using his abilities as a scientist by pounding on the console until something happens.

I was looking forward to it, too. Cool gloves, though.

So we don’t even get to see Minami show off his awesome tech! I am disappointed! On the other hand, that’s the last (I hope) we see of the bowling balls. They were kind of fun to watch as they rolled serenely through the countryside, but bowling balls have little inherent drama in them. Next week a new story arc and more sinister people. In Marvel comics rarely do you get a super baddie unless there’s already a good guy to have a fight with. It’s the way physics works in the superhero universe.

In K-ON!! 8 Yui and Ritsu are having trouble figuring out what to put on their future goals form. It’s mostly good, though occasionally it moves like the turtle that is this episode’s metaphor.

Yui's first choice.

I can’t blame them. It’s amazing that a society demands that seventeen year-olds have a plan for the rest of their lives. I’m not singling out Japan; you get that pressure here in the States, too. Anyway, while the two continue to dither, the group talk about how they all met, and we get a number of disgustingly cute flashbacks. Nodoka and Yui’s are all right, except all they show is that Yui has changed little since kindergarten. Ritsu and Mio’s memories are more fun.

Mio learns from Ritsu.

Mainly because Ritsu has more of a clue than Yui, who’s just sort of all-around clueless. And they both mature, well, more than they were then. Yui’s consciousness is just sort of in a holding pattern. So that by the end of the episode she STILL has no idea what she wants to do. Well, no one watches K-ON!! because they want to see life-changing events …

The last episode of Kaichou wa Maid-Sama left a bad taste in my mouth for a number of reasons, and I wondered if it was worth continuing to follow this show. Maybe the creators decided after all that happened last time, they should go entirely silly. So we don’t get a story, we get a strange fairy tale with the characters playing representative roles. This is just what Neko Overrun did last week, only they didn’t allow those characters to be themselves. Maid-Sama does not make that mistake.

There’s probably a hundred references to Japanese fairy tales that I didn’t catch, so I simply had to roll with it. It works well enough. Misaki (called Momatarou here, but I’m not about to use it) comes out of a giant peach and is off to rescue captured maidens from a demon who lives on an island. On the way she meets a suspicious man (Usui) and three idiotic animal characters (the boys who visit the cafe all the time).

Suzuna has a nice little scene.

The latter keep trying to change the plot, whatever it is, while Misaki is focused on her goal. Usui is his usual combination of casual and smarmy. Suzuna shows up, as does (sigh) Igarashi. There is little to say about it. The ending is predictable, but enjoyable. A decent palate cleanser before the next story arc cranks up. I guess I’ll keep watching.

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