Giant Killing 12, Yumeiro 35, and not much fun

In honor of the French team’s glorious day, let’s turn to Giant Killing 12 and observe some other players not having any fun.

Even the Brazilian players aren't having fun.

To make it worse, the episode ends with the match still not over. Instead, they dally over this and that. Carlos and Zelberto mutter about strategy while the ball’s in play, and even their teammates ask what the hell they’re doing. Endless shot of fans and media and suits worrying because ETU hasn’t mounted any offensive yet. And they all talk so slowly. And don’t forget the flashbacks to earlier scenes.

When they do play (and the episode shows only a minute or two of it) it gets more interesting. Nagoya changes their strategy. Defenseman Carlos moves closer to the front. Happily, Tatsumi has anticipated this and whipped up a counter-strategy.

GOL!!!!! Tsubaki!!!!!

It gets fun now, you’d think. Oh, scoring is a good thing, but the show has to milk every little bit out of it. Tsubaki is crushed and congratulated by delirious teammates, gets approval from Murakoshi, Gino, even Tatsumi. Everyone is so happy that you’d think they’d just won the league championship. It’s one goal, folks! The game is far from over! Then they go for the reactions in the stands and the press box. And since it’s Tsubaki we get an overly long scene where it sinks in, not to mention another flashback. And my heart sinks as I realize the match won’t end this time.

It’s more fun when the opposing team isn’t having any fun. Itagaki in particular. The man gets on my nerves anyway, but at least the episode only pays attention to him once, when he blows up at Carlos (Adding to the fun is that Carlos doesn’t understand a word he’s saying) and decides to work independently from now on. That will spice up the next episode, and maybe, FINALLY, we’ll get a result.

Yumeiro Patissiere 35 ups the ante for the Grand Prix finals, and other things, with the arrival of:

Unfortunately, his unexpected appearance affects the team in some unpleasant ways. First off, Ichigo goes into a tizzy, ditching practice in order to track him down, while he’s gone off with star pupil Mari. She decides to make him a cake, the same kind she tasted when she met him, and, and I’m thinking “This will not end well. She’s too happy.” Meanwhile Henri is telling Mari that she still hasn’t made it as a patissiere, leading to scenes of her being depressed. This guy drops gloom wherever he goes. Finally, there’s Kashino to deal with.

Kashino is rightfully angry that Ichigo isn’t preparing for the competition, but that’s clearly not his only motive for blowing up. He’s jealous. In the ugliest moment of this series so far, he gets so mad that he lashes out and hits Chocolat!. Kashino! SHAME!

Kashino is instantly sorry, they make it up, and you could argue that he was striking out blindly, but to see such irresponsible violent behavior from the boy bothers me. A lot.

This episode is not much fun.

We get the inevitable disappointment when Ichigo spots Henri enjoying Tennouji’s cake. But at least Henri didn’t eat Ichigo’s (her teammates consider it substandard). It’s all made up in the end, when Henri visits her, says he’s been following her progress, etc, and by the way, he’s going to be a judge at the finals. Interesting to see Tennouji through all this. In previous episodes she’s seen as kind yet determined, both a friend and rival to Ichigo, above all the infighting and envy that happens at the academy. Now, and this might be HER jealousy at work, she seems to have turned colder, or maybe it’s self-doubt. There wasn’t much fun to be had in this episode. I blame it on Henri.

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