Five Leaves 12 (finale), Ookami-San 1

House of Five Leaves 12 flies by, finished before I realized it. It clears up the confusion I was having about Yaichi’s background. I hadn’t realized that the kidnapped kid early on was in fact him. And the nature of what happens in this episode makes me rethink Akitsu’s role in it.

You could argue that he’s the main character, but Akitsu is in no way involved in the fight, nor are any of the other Five Leaves members. Instead, it’s Yagi, and later Jin, who give Yaichi the information he needs. Yagi tells the story of the young Seioshin, saying he died in an epidemic, but noting that the previous Yaichi was found drowned in a well soon after. Surely that wasn’t a coincidence. He spells out what he think truly happened, and our Yaichi actually reacts to it.

Then he learns from Jin, who’s about to kill him, that the previous Yaichi was not the one who delivered the money and a request to kill him. The sense of betrayal he’s been carrying around all these years was for nothing. So Yaichi, drunk as a skunk, kills Jin, and goes to sob at his namesake’s grave. Where his bodyguard finds him.

In the final scene (above), the roles have reversed. It is now Akitsu giving comfort to Yaichi, who accepts it. While Akitsu’s involvement in Five Leaves and development as a person is part of the story, in the end it’s Yaichi’s tale that drives everything. So while Akitsu, the ronin, is supposed to do the fighting, his role in the final episode is only to look for Yaichi and comfort him. That is Akitsu’s story, and it is not the only one. Akitsu’s curiosity, his efforts to learn Yaichi’s story, was simply a means for us to learn about it, too. Yaichi is the driving force of this series, not Akitsu. Odd it took me so long to figure that out.

It was a good series, a little difficult to follow, but I blame myself for that. I only wish there hadn’t been so many dark scenes. It raised hell on my screenshots.

I think that’s the last of the shows ending this week. Time for the new season. We start with (deep breath) Ookami-San to Shinchinin no Nakama-Tachi, a show that gave off weird vibes for me the moment it started. A girl chasing a boy down an alley, with that artwork and those character designs, my mind went “Is this actually Railgun?”

At first I thought Ryoko looked a little like Misaka, but I take that back. However, little Ringo looks like Komoe (and is voiced by Kanae Ito, who played Saten), and the narrator, Satomi Arai, played Kuroko. When she would go on about Ryoko’s bust size I could almost imagine Kuroko in the booth, with Misaka ready to smack her. Railgun was a good series. I’m not sure this show is going to be.

There are two stories. One concerns the work of the Otogi bank, which helps out students, and their efforts to prevent a tennis star from quitting the team, for the sake of Kakari, who’s smitten with him. The other story concerns the bank’s new recruit, Ryoushi, who is terrified of being seen, and his efforts to prove himself, and constantly failing because of his fear. It comes down to a race to stop Ooji from turning in the resignation.

By the way, everyone is based on fairy tale characters.

There are some nice things about this show. The narrator is snarky and a little perverted, just like Kuroko. On the other hand, the narration gets in the way at times. Ryouko could be an interesting character. Ryoushi, probably not. We don’t learn enough about the other characters. It looks like this will be a problem of the week series, and I’m not crazy about those. I’ll overlook the usual ep1 problems, introducing the characters (clumsily done with narration), setting up the situation, the new boy trying to make good, etc. Don’t know if I’ll keep this one, but I’ll give it another episode or two.

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