Heroman 14, Seitokai Yakuindomo 1

I don’t know why the previews of Heroman give away the entire plot for the next episode. I knew pretty much what would happen before I even watched this one.

Joey and his pals are on the run and he’s depressed about it. I would be too if I was escaping in an enormous truck with an alien painted on its side. Learning that the media is calling them fugitives only adds a little more desperation to it. Hughes is trying to out-think them. It’s going to be a question of who screws up first. Alas, it’s Joey, who calls Lina to reassure her, only to have the line tapped and their whereabouts revealed. I must say it’s pretty good of the NIA to tap all the lines, or maybe they were just tapping Lina’s phone. We’ll never know.

The battle starts, and just as we were told last week, they’re split up. Denton’s efforts to jam the NIA transmissions buys them a little time, though I wonder why he would make it so obvious as to put that alien face on the screen. A little subterfuge wouldn’t hurt, Denton. The battle isn’t much. It’s still hard to believe such a truck could give them the slip for so long. What’s more interesting is the power struggle between Hughes and Minami. Minami sees nothing wrong in blowing the shit out of this innocent town, while Hughes is still trying to think his way through things. Hughes is in charge, but Minami is, after all, a mad scientist. They’re not known for following governmental procedures.

We even already know that Psy is going to separate from Joey, for Joey’s sake, and that Hughes is going to come out alone to see him. Thanks to the previews. Thanks, Heroman! And now I already know what’s going to happen NEXT week.

Seitokai Yokuindomo 1 brings us Takatoshi, high school freshman going to a school that until this year was girls only, the opposite of what Maid-Sama brings us. In Maid-Sama it’s Misa trying to shut down the rowdy boys, while here it’s Takatoshi trying to survive a school full of girls who think they know what boys all want.

It starts out splendidly. On the first day of school Takatoshi heads off to the station, to discover the station and the train loaded with girls (love the “I’m not groping!” pose the few men in the car are forced to make). This is like Amagami SS, except a hundred times more girls, only this isn’t that type of show. This one is more of a quick gag series with the punchline all about sexuality in some way or another.

Tour of the school.

It works like this. A perfectly innocent question is put to the student council (Takatoshi has been forced into joining), they talk about it, then it digresses into a conversation about feminine hygene or padding their bras, followed by a weary Takatoshi adding some line like “I wasn’t asking,” followed by a placard with a final quick comment on it. Even in the best series it would be hard to make such a sketch pattern work over and over, and with this show, at least in this first episode, the timing is off. The better sketches are when the girls are working under the assumption that all boys are sex-starved beasts, but they have the same timing problems.

Amakusa loosens up the school rules a bit.

It’s hard to form an opinion of Seitokai Yokuindomo after one episode, because it’s clear the show hasn’t found its feet yet. The characters are all types (and all of Takatoshi’s straight-man responses had the same world-weary pitch) but that can be fixed. So can the timing. Some things worked very well. It’s just all … inconsistent. I’ll wait and see if it can get itself together in the next couple of episodes.


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