Maid-Sama 14, Campanella 1

An unsavory episode of Kaichou wa Maid-Sama. Misa and the school is under threat from a serial hypnotist.

This guy, Soutarou, starts with student council members in order to slow down the work, then manages to hypnotize Misa. His plan is to ruin her reputation so that she will lose her president’s position, thus inducing fewer girls to enroll. He’s afraid of girls, you see. Anyway, that’s what he says his plan is. He is exposed early on, yet no one at the school bothers to do anything about him. Well, Misa tries, but he just hypnotizes her again. It’s like this sort of thing is typical, if not approved.

The only amusing moment comes during Misa’s first hypnosis, where she acts like a drunken fool. Usui is more amused than shocked. After that the ramifications set in. Here we have a person who can change innocent people for the worse, and he’s full of bad intent. This is as ugly as the assault Misa experienced a while back. Worse, it’s a two-parter. Misa must stay awake for 24 hours or she’ll wake up and hate Usui forever. There’s a nice scene on the stairs where the two talk it out. But she falls asleep anyway. End of episode, and little good to it.

Now we have Shukufuku no Campanella. Episode 1 was full of world-building and character introductions, over and over.

That’s Minette above. In the prologue she’s in some magical dimension where she learns that she will go to the world and make the people around her happy. This is fine, but the town she will arrive at, Ert’Aria, is plenty happy already. Disgustingly happy. We’re introduced to the characters one by one, first the people in the Oasis Clanhouse , Mina, Leicester (who appears to be the hero, or at least the one male character they introduce), Carina. Each character has their own cute little quirk or two, and they insist on demonstrating them before we can move on.

Agnes and Carina

Carina and Leicester go out and they meet Agnes, and are observed by two girls, Ritos and Salsa (which fits considering they’re in the Tortilla Clan). They go back and now we meet Shelley and and Chelsea (a Knight Templar). Again, they all have to be introduced to one another. Maybe they’re doing this to imprint their names in the viewers’ minds. We also learn about the Knights Templar’s guarding of their icon, called “Artifact,” the town of Planberis, the concept of “Ale,” an energy source (if only), and other bewildering things that they could have brought up more efficiently.

Famous last words.

This takes up most of the episode. There’s a meteor shower that night and of course we know that Minette won’t show up until the meteors do, which, in this case, means the closing credits. In other words, Campanella loves to waste time. Now, I’m trying to cut the show some slack, here. It’s obviously meant to be a happy series with lots of cuteness (with a bit of fanservice), but this episode is so clumsy in execution that I have a hard time forgiving it. Maybe now that they’ve established the place and characters the show will find its flow. I wonder how many times I’ve written that about series that I later dropped?


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