Yakuindomo 2, Mitsudomoe 2

Seitokai Yokuindomo 2 falls into the same routine that crippled episode 1. I suppose they can’t avoid it. The original manga must have a quick gag format, and that’s what they’re stuck with. Set up a situation, have one of the girls do a dirty take on it, get Takitoshi’s sighing comment, put up a placard with an additional comment, repeat ad nauseum.

Guess the punchline.

But it’s not all bad. Sure, some of the punchlines are visible from miles away, since you know they’re all going to be either about sex or feminine hygene (with a couple exceptions), but Shino is so straightforward and serious that it gives her lines a nice irony. And wondering how far they can take the joke hasn’t gotten old for me—yet.

Extrapolate the events leading to this punchline.

Let’s see … did anything actually happen in this episode? A cute scene at the beginning when a shy girl approaches Takitoshi and we think it’s confession time. We meet Naruko, the student council faculty advisor who, naturally, comes on to Takitoshi. They clean out an empty classroom …

There is no punchline here.

There was one other nice bit. Suzu, the genius girl with self-esteem issues thanks to her diminutive size, talks it out with Takitoshi on the way home. No innuendo whatsoever. Just a serious conversation. Suzu’s schtick is all about her height and her brains, which is not much to go on, really, but at least she’s allowed to talk about something besides sex. Also, she agrees with Takitoshi that the other student council girls are utterly insane. So we get a respite from the routine. The show could do a little more of that.

Mitsudomoe 2 has four charming stories. We learn something about the characters, too. In the first we learn that Futaba’s snot has amazing prehensile strength.

I'm reminded of Spider-Man's webbing.

While part of me was going “Ew, can we please move along?” I also wondered just how far they could take the scene. As it turned out, quite a ways. When they finally move on to a scene in the nurse’s office, I figured the show had reached its grossness quota for the week. Boy, was I wrong about that!

We learn that the nurse (whose name escapes me) is as blind as a bat even when she’s wearing her glasses. This leads to vials of urine emptied into her coffee, and nearly into her eye. The question is: is any of this actually funny? Well, a little. They do a nice job of upping the outrageousness of the situation every time you think they’ve peaked.

In the third story we learn that Hitoha can be a sneaky, manipulative little monster when she wants to be. But there’s nothing much more to say about it. As for the fourth, we learn something about Mitsuba:

Like the third story, there’s not much to it. I’ll watch a little more, but it appears Mitsudomoe is at its best when it’s being outrageous. Otherwise it just hangs there, like Mitsuba in that tree.

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