Amagami 3: Today’s teens are weird

As expected, Amagami SS 3 gives us Junichi and Haruka drawing closer together. In that way it’s straightforward. One of them suggests something and the other agrees to it, hesitantly, because it’s young love. But it’s what they do exactly that makes me wonder about the youth of today.

In my high school days, when men were men and I was a horny adolescent who had no idea what to do with a girl even if I got one, I raged for more than a kiss behind the knee. I suppose that can be a sexy spot to kiss, but there were other parts of a girl I was more interested in. Adolescents in modern-day Japan are certainly no different, I mean, look at how Masayoshi spends his money. But Junichi and Haruka started with last week’s kiss on the eyebrow, escalating to behind the knee … It’s a strange little courtship ritual that only the two of them could devise.

Now it’s up to Haruka to up the ante. After getting some advice from Hibiki she decides to act like a kitten who likes to be spoiled. The charm in this is that, just like last time, the person on the receiving end is briefly taken aback by this new suggestion but quickly recovers. “If that’s what this person who likes me wants …” This leads to Junichi “spoiling” Haruka by feeding her ramen, but make-believing that she’s a kidnap victim and he’s the thug who has to feed her. Frankly, this looks like Haruka’s doing the spoiling here by allowing Junichi to indulge in his little fantasy, and it’s Junichi’s turn to be surprised when she readily agrees, but Haruka’s already proven herself to be a little strange.

Hibiki is smiling ...

Stranger still is their willingness to do it openly. At least the knee-kiss took place in a shed. It’s like the two are in their happy little weird world and don’t care what others think. Not that everything in this episode worked. The knee business went on way too long, and Junichi indulged himself too much, but at least there wasn’t any business about them being discovered, as other shows might have put in.

As for Junichi, say what you want about his lack of personality, but boy howdy, he knows what to say to a girl! In a winning moment he tells the possibly jealous Haruka that the reason he looked so happy when talking to some girls is that he was glad to have grown closer to her, because it was the truth. Just like last week when he told Rihoko she shouldn’t obsess about her weight. In this series our hero doesn’t need a personality. Junichi, keep being honest and kind. It’s working for you! As for your puppy-acting, knee fetish and kidnapper fantasies … oh, kids today!

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