Brain-dead, I watch Ookami-san

One more day of my training class and I’ll have my weekends free again! The trouble is, I’m so tired from the 9-6 sessions with one-hour commute each way that I barely have any brains left with to function. Even Yumeiro Patissiere (which I’m falling behind on) feels too cerebral. So it’s time for Ookami-San to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi to see if I can finally get the urge to drop it. Oh, it’s so damn close.

This time we learn some more about Otsuu, the Otogi Bank’s cheerful and hardworking maid. Ryoushi saves her from an errant baseball, and now she’s all about being his maid in order to pay off her supposed debt to him. Otsuu and Recruit have a lot in common. Ryouko and Ringo, not to mention everyone else, want to know why the hell she acts this way, and of course we find out. A sob story about a boy who died while rescuing her, a debt she can never repay.

This is presented in such a straightforward and dull fashion that there’s some room for other stuff. We meet Yukimi, Ryoushi’s house manager and popular girls romance author (interesting combination), who sees straight through Ryouko’s denials and gets her to admit she likes Ryoushi, at least a little. And Ryouko shows her dere side again, alas that’s about the only thing she gets to do this episode. Then it’s back to the main story, such as it is, when Otsuu collapses from exhaustion.

It’s cute, but underwhelming. And it leads to a lecture from the entire group. In fact, just about everything in this show was talk. The best moments are little ones, like Ryouko’s sincere pleasure in playing with the dogs, and Ryouko’s pleasure watching her do it. Besides, we got this narrator who likes to tell you everything that the characters are doing, even if you’ve already figured it out. Why does anyone else even need to talk?

That said, I don’t have the strength to drop the series quite yet. That’s it. My brain is shutting down. One more day …

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