Highschool 4, Campanella 4

A lot of flashbacks in Highschool of the Dead 4, and it’s far too early for it. I heard a rumor that they had fallen behind in production. Not a good sign, but sort of understandable for such a slickly-produced show.

Back to that again.

I skipped the flashbacks then went back because there were live bits scattered around. Not much. When they caught up with the main action the story focused on Takashi and Rei on their motorbike, trying to get somewhere. We do get tiny bits of the people on the bus, but they’re stuck in heavy traffic, while Takashi and Rei encounter no traffic at all. Huh. They’re running out of gas and have no money, and the frustration leads to further recriminations about what happened before.

As usual, the argument is settled, or at least postponed, by violence. Sei is grabbed by a living guy wanting a woman, not to mention the bike. It seems having to bludgeon his entire family has put him on edge. It leads to another moment of heroism and difficult moral choices. Takashi rescues Sei, and they leave the man there, injured, because they have no other choice: here come the zombies. What with all the flashbacks this little episode seems like a side story, a bit of nothing to fill out the 25 minutes. I assume we’ll get a proper episode next week.

Highschool might be having production issues, but what new stuff they did have lived up to the show’s high standards. Shukufuku no Campanella 4 lives up to its low standards.

The guys work, the girls slack off.

Again the show combines dull writing and a snail’s pace with a rather nice image. The Oasis Clan is off to find hot springs crystals. Stick one in hot water and Ale seeps out. I’d like to try that. This means they’re off mining. Well, it’s a combination mining expedition and picnic. I don’t know why they’re mining in an abandoned mine, and finding lots of what they want, but I’ll let that pass. After they discover a chamber with a glowing, floating piece of rock in the middle, there’s an earthquake.

Here’s where it gets really dull. There’s a scene where Carina doesn’t want to desert Leicester and Agnes (but especially Leicester), and it takes too long to talk her into leaving. Then we have an even longer scene where Leicester calms and reassures flustered Agnes. There’s supposed to be some bonding here, maybe give Agnes’s heartstrings a tug. I suppose every girl in the show will have this type of moment with him. I can’t figure out why. Leicester is dull even by male-lead in a harem series standards. There’s absolutely nothing to him at all.

They all get out with no trouble, and then it’s another bonding moment with lots of thank-you’s from Agnes and gosh-it-was-nothings from Leicester. Nice rainbow, though. There’s plenty of time left, so they work in a fanservice scene with Leicester and all the girls, leading to more bonding, this time naked, as Agnes and Leicester hide. Hey, what about that mysterious chamber? Remember that, Oasis Clan?

Okay, be fair, Agnes has some ideas about it. I’ll never learn what they are because I’m dropping this series. After four episodes the show has produced not a single compelling character. None of the dangerous scenes are very exciting. Now that the novelty of the whole thing is gone it’s done nothing but give us dullness with some cute mixed in. Some of the art was nice, but that’s not enough. There are other shows to watch.

2 thoughts on “Highschool 4, Campanella 4

  1. My heart sank when HOTD treated us to pretty much half an entire episode of recap, but the rest of the outing made up for it. I like the way the series ramps up the tension and turns its attention towards characterisation when it’s not being fanservice-y. The petrol station scene was one the best so far.

    I can’t wait for that slimey teacher to get thoroughly nommed by zombies though. He’s really Asking For It.

    1. I’m waiting for that teacher to get nommed too but I suspect he’ll be around for at least a few episodes. He has the aura of regular antagonist about him.

      The petrol station scene WAS good, from the goon’s tragic day setting him off to Takashi calmly trying to get rid of him. And in rescuing Sei he reasserts his feelings for her in a way she understands without boring us with useless conversation. Frankly, I can’t think of a weak scene in the series yet.

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