Heroman 19, Yakuindomo 6

Heroman 19 wraps up the tentacle island story. Alas, it was not terribly interesting.

'The hero you tried to reach is unavailable at this time ...'

It wasn’t bad, just straightforward. Joey, Lina and Ravi the scientist encounter threats and Joey heroically gets them out of them each time. First, Heroman doesn’t respond to Joey’s call, so joey uses his super speed to wrap up the tentacles. Then they try to throw surprises at us, such as the tentacles being able to form a human shape and say some simple words. But Ravi sees through it and holds Joey back. And it turns out the giant crabs aren’t any threat at all.

Even the story of these tentacles is mundane. Just another biological weapon experiment gone wrong, that’s all. They try to develop Ravi’s character as he goes from a man hell-bent on leaving the island, to trusting Joey and Heroman, even if he can’t get the name right. More successful in the character department is Joey. Realizing that the others are depending on him he puts on a brave face and slugs through or runs past every obstacle he faces. His first rescue of Heroman shows him being resourceful, even if his strategy is obvious to everyone.

The final confrontation at the power plant is exciting enough, even if they set up the tentacles as creatures that can imitate human (or robot) behavior, and thus even more dangerous, only to have Heroman punch it out anyway. Escalating threat when more tentacles show up, etc., but it it seems pat. Joey uses the same strategy he used before and they win. It seems to me that they could have done so much more with the premise. What about danger to the others? Nah, they’re all safe. The tentacle thing mutating? Maybe something with the giant crabs? Instead we get some running in the jungle, a pretty good fight, and they wrap things up with enough time to take another swim. There could have been so much more.

Seitokai Yakuindomo 6 begins not with the usual gags but with a girl encountering a ghost in the bathroom. Then a mock TV show where the characters sans Takatoshi go to investigate. Then it morphs into an old giant robot series. And I thought “Yes! A gimmick episode! Just what the show needs!” Sorry to say …

The gang DO investigate a report of strange noises from a storage room, and even if we know the answer to the mystery will be mundane and probably dirty (and I was right), it was a break from the usual gag routine. But they quickly go back to the usual stuff. Routine conversation turns to dirty joke and subsequent reaction shot and placard. Let’s see. Some stuff about people’s lunches, perverted two different ways, a visit to the judo club practice, perverted four ways, I think. And this just in: Suzu is underdeveloped.

A typical reaction shot to one of Aria's comments, this one involving enemas.

Next time it’s a beach episode. God knows what jokes they’ll whip out there. I’m STILL trying to figure out why I’m still watching this …

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