Highschool 6, Asobi 5

Doesn’t seem fair. In Highschool of the Dead 6 the world continues to go to hell. Meanwhile our heroes experience great suffering and privation.

Highschool of the Dead has something for everyone.

Of course the contrast is deliberate. The girls undress while a voice-over reporter tells us that two million are dead already. At least Takashi and Kohta are taking stock of their new weapons and discussing what will happen next. The girls, including serious Saeko, are too busy splashing around in the tub, grabbing each others’ boobs, and behaving, as one of them says, like they’re in an eroge anime series. On one hand I can’t blame them for having a bit of fun for a change. On the other hand, all hell’s breaking loose on the bridge nearby (which distracts the zombies away from them). This is where the episode’s moral dilemmas appear.

The news media has pretty much abandoned the place except for one crew. Then there are the zombies, of course, followed by terrified unbitten people, a mob who is blaming the pandemic on biological weapons, and the poor police in the middle, who have been abandoned by their superiors and told to do whatever they can. We get a scene where a child zombifies and bites his mother, who is zombified, and the cops shoot them. You can understand why Tokyo’s Finest feel a bit stressed out. Their chief orders a bulldozer to plow down everyone, undead or alive, then shoots himself.

Meanwhile, back in paradise ...

So for the gang it’s a chance to rest, cavort and reload. The outside world can go to hell without them for one night. Takashi and Rei have another Hishashi argument which nearly turns erotic. Saeko prepares food while wearing nothing but an apron. It’s getting clear that Takashi could have a harem if he wanted. It’s the first episode where they don’t have to smash anyone’s head in. It could be the last for a while.

Asobi ni Iko Yo has been known to pander, too.

In this episode we conclude, I think, the kidnapping story arc involving the Kitty Paw cult. The Doggy force also gets involved, and we get a lot of Manami and Aoi in tiny swimsuits. Again, at least they’re wearing something. It’s not terribly interesting. I think it’s because the cuteness doesn’t mix in well with the action.

The cuteness they do have is mixed in with forced pathos. While Eris and Kio relax on the yacht (while the others are busy planning violent rescues, or simply violence—rather like the situation in Highschool this week) Kio notices that the cult’s leader Antnia doesn’t have any friends of her own, just a lot of money and servants. I immediately worried that there will be a lecture about this from someone, and I was right. Though it cheered me up a little that after Kio finishes the lecture Antnia doesn’t break down and sob but simply says “Oh, your right. Sorry about the trouble.”

The action stuff isn’t bad. It’s complicated by the fact that the armed speedboat Aoi needs is in the hands of a flaming movie director, but that’s only to add to the cheese factor and to get the girls into something more revealing. A more entertaining diversion is the attack by the Doggy people, which undermines the cult’s attempts at taking down Aoi and Minami. There’s a bewildering battle in the ship’s bowels, still scratching my head over that. Kio puts on Eris’s powersuit, adding cross-dressing to the fanservice list. The assistroids do their assisting all over the place. I rather like them. So in other words, it’s people all over the place having all sorts of battles. Again, not bad. But this time the cuteness doesn’t do its job of dropping bits of absurdity in serious situations.

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