20’s: Heroman, Maid-Sama

Heroman 20 is an annoying one. People in Central City are being abducted, along with cows. Naturally Dr. Denton is on the case, wasting Joey and Psy’s time, until he vanishes, too. Then Holly decides to join in the investigation.

The first half of the show is a waste of time. Holly drags Joey and Psy around, wearing stupid outfits, as they visit abduction sites, one of which is conveniently a beach, so she can have a swim. Joey and Psy sigh a lot. They make fools of themselves, accuse the beach’s local strongman that he’s the culprit, you get the idea. We know from the prologue that there’s a small girl who witnessed her father’s abduction, so we’re waiting for that angle to open up. And we know that the bad guy is either Will or some other Skrugg-thing. Kind of takes the mystery out of it.

A couple of nice character scenes improve the story. Holly is self-absorbed and brusque, but when she wants to she can display some empathy. In an otherwise annoying scene they sneak into the hospital where she gets the frightened girl to talk. I thought bothering a traumatized little kid was a bad idea, but she managed it well. And later, when the Skrugg does appear and she doesn’t see Joey she races out of cover to find him … to get abducted herself. Still, a good moment. Also decent was Lina, grounded at her house because of the abductions. You think her family has gone too far. On the other hand her father reminds her that they have already lost Will; they don’t want to risk losing her too.

But mainly it’s Holly, Joey and Psy poking around. The monster has to conveniently show up for any plot development, dead flower mystery notwithstanding. There’s a brief fight, Holly gets taken and that’s it. Five good minutes and twenty annoying ones.

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! 20 has two complete stories. The first one falls apart at the end, the second didn’t make any sense at all, but they were both enjoyable.

Ruri, Yukimura’s younger sister, wants nothing to do with her brother. Rather, since she wants to be a princess she wants a handsome prince. She takes one look at Usui and falls for him. Yukimura wants her to look up to him, so he begs Usui to go on a date with her. Misa joins Yukimura’s side so Usui can’t say no, can he? Naturally, Misa, Yukimura, Kanou and later the three idiots watch from the bushes.

Naturally it goes wrong. Misa and Aoi (I forgot, he’s there too) concoct some schemes to make Usui look bad, Misa playing jilted lover, the three idiots playing thugs, etc. Usui is along for the ride. One of the things the character does well is nonchalantly regard the craziness happening all around him.

It leads to a ridiculous moment where Yukimura and Ruri sort of make peace. I don’t quite understand how it got that way. On the other hand it was fun to watch with all the plans changing instantly and quick dialogue by those watching undercutting the main action.

And if you like quick, underscored dialogue and nonsensical action, the second story delivers it. That’s about all it delivers. Aoi wants to take photos of herself and charms Yukimura and Kanou into helping. Then the three idiots show up (twenty episodes in and I still can’t tell them apart) and get roped into it, too. Aoi delights in and later regrets using these fools in that way, admitting she had fun with them, which I guess is the story’s thrust, but mainly it’s everyone acting like idiots and bonding a little. But again it’s fast and frantic. Maid-Sama can do that well, so I was entertained even though nothing much happened.

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