21’s: Heroman, Maid-Sama

Heroman 21 sort of concludes the missing persons arc, that is to say, the missing persons are safely recovered, but it leads to other questions, like where is that other Skrugg? But in terms of character the episode is mainly about Joey.

So THAT'S how it happened. Boring.

Tracing Denton’s soil samples Hughes knows that the Skrugg is holed up in that abandoned mine (and, yes, it turns out this is indeed the mine Joey’s father died in). Joey is torn. He’ll do anything to save his sister, but if the Skrugg is indeed Will, would he be able to fight? Psy reassures him, and we get a flashback where Psy demands Will throw the football to him, and when he does it’s an ill-advised desperation fling under pressure. Psy gets his famous injury and Will quits as team captain as self-punishment. In other words, Will is not the type to hurt people (except for last time, though I remember he turned away from killing Psy back then). I’m thinking that it’s a nice story, but a football injury? Ho hum, I expected more.

So Joey, Heroman and Psy go into the Skrugg lair and find lots of that creepy organic stuff that the aliens like. Also Denton and Holly, who have managed to escape their pods and hide (none of the other victims, just them). The Skrugg shows up. We have a fight. We learn it’s not Will. Another Skrugg shows up, this one a dog, and Psy lures him away so Heroman can fight the big one. I sometimes wonder why defenseless Psy gets invited along on these missions. Here’s one reason: to be bait. But the battle has made the walls unstable and Psy’s cool scooter is damaged before he can reach the exit.

Here’s where the show nearly got me. Psy limps toward the opening, muttering about touchdowns. It seemed too much, the injury story, not being able to play again, trying to reach the goal line, I seriously thought the story was going to kill him off. Well, I was wrong. He makes it, but later collapses, so he’s not dead, but not at all well. Joey angsting about his friends getting hurt is apparently the theme of next week’s episode. As for the end of this one, the big Skrugg simply disappears. What’s up with that?

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama has two stories with a bit of overlap. In the first one Misa orders the sports teams to clean out their club rooms, promising refreshments. So she learns to make rice balls, which don’t go over well.

There’s nothing more to this episode except that Misa tries hard and succeeds. We’ve seen it before. What’s intriguing is the new character they sneak into scenes. Jumping off roofs to rescue stray pieces of bread, eating grass, actually eating one of Misa’s rice balls. We’re not told who he is until the second story, which is much more interesting.

Hinata endears himself to everyone in the school thanks to his eccentric gluttony and backstory. Even when it looks like he’s about to be bullied it just turns out the guys are offering him food. Only Misa is unaffected. She keeps confiscating everything he gets until he’s convinced she’s just a meanie. Oh, part of the backstory is that he’s come to this school to find the girl he swore he’d follow years ago. Guess what her name is?

Got it in one!

After a tree incident that repeats an incident they shared in the past, Misa is revealed to him, and she has a new suitor. This could be interesting. Kanou, acting as foil for the main characters this week, is convinced that Misa and Usui like each other. However, she’s too proud to admit it and Usui says relationships are “a bother.” But now possibly he has a rival. Good thing, too. Usui is too sure that he can wrap Misa around his little finger, and the show gives us glimpses of him obviously not pleased with this turn of events. On the other hand I can’t see Misa treating this eccentric guy as romantic potential. As for me, I like Hinata. I just hope they can keep the gluttony scenes to a minimum. They’ll get old fast.

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