Highschool 8, Yakuindomo 8, and a moment of silence.

First, a moment of silence to honor the memory of Satoshi Kon.

Thank you.

I’ll leave it for bloggers more capable than myself to write eulogies and appreciations. Besides, I’ve seen too little of his work. I will say that Millennium Actress and Paprika are outstanding films you really ought to watch if you haven’t already. As for me, I’ve moved Perfect Blue to the top of my Netflix queue. I have some catching up to do.

Returning to the my usual beat, I’ll add that writing these little reviews on the fly like I do has a disadvantage apart from the usual sloppy editing. It doesn’t allow time for the true value of an episode to sink in. I wrote that episode 7 of Highschool of the Dead “may be its best yet,” damning it with faint praise. Rather, that episode was so good I’ve watched it a half-dozen times since then. So, er, sorry about that. Episode 8 can’t possibly match the righteous mayhem of the previous episode but it does a damn good job anyway.

The quiet was nice while it lasted ...

After we see the bitten US Secretary of State (Defense?) try to talk the also-bitten president into launching all their nukes for no reason (I love how foreigners always assume the US high command are just waiting for an excuse to nuke everyone), a scene left unresolved, the episode gets … serene. The Humvee crosses the river. Kohta and Alice sing nursery rhymes. The girls go from nearly naked to wearing an odd assortment of clothes. There’s not a zombie to be seen. “Awful quiet, Tex.” “Yeah … too quiet.” It’d be a nice, peaceful moment except we know the zombies are around somewhere, else there would be no show to watch. Sure enough, they find more and more, they get cornered, and Rei is flung off the Humvee and possibly injured. Here they come!

Now, the gaps in the fence are plenty large enough for any of them to slip through, but they don’t think of that. Instead we get a prolonged fight scene with little triumphs when Takashi manages to fire a shotgun correctly, and a lot of despair because there are just too many zombies for them to handle. And they start running out of ammo. The fence, guys! The fence! Takashi and Saeko try to lure them away but there seems to be a limit as to how far the zombies can hear. It’s well-done as usual and has the usual mix of violence and fanservice, Saeko’s dancing around the bullets being the topper. And it looks quite hopeless. (The fence! The fence!) I actually thought we might actually lose a character this week.


Instead we get an unexpected rescue and the first appearance of a family member. It works well. We had pretty much given up on them finding their families so when one shows up alive and well it’s a moment of joy not only for Saya but for everyone else, including us the viewers. Maybe there’s going to be some happiness in this show after all. What she’s doing there with a bunch of firemen can wait for next week.

Seitokai Yakuindomo 8 has just enough variety to keep it going, though the usual gag business runs throughout. Including the usual innocent double-entendres which don’t translate well into English.

Takatoshi is Japanese, and HE can't always figure them out.

Much of the time is spent talking about the upcoming sports festival and the events they should have now that the school has gone coed. You can imagine the suggestions. But we don’t get to the festival. Instead we get a visit from Kaede, a morals officer, who has pictures showing the student council sleeping in the same room (from last episode). Her schtick is that she’s afraid of boys.

Unfortunately, that’s all she brings to the show. There’s a non-sexual oriented scene where Takatoshi kills a bug and gets more praise than any of them have given him before. Let’s see … there’s the inevitable “Suzu is short” sketch. Oh, we get a judo match. The team is a girl short, so Shino volunteers, and wins by using grappling techniques she learned from a yaoi novel. It’s all just more of the same. Some of Takatoshi’s weary asides work, some don’t. I’ll leave it to Shino, deciding how to handicap the boys during the sports festival.

Never mind.

The hell with it. I’m going to go rewatch Paprika.

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