Maid-Sama 22

Kaichou wa Maid-Sama 22 spends much of its time anchoring Hinata’s position in the cast and working him off of Usui, with the backdrop of the school camping trip. Some trip. Instead of some fun camp it’s a place meditation, work and starvation, a little trick they like to play on the underclassmen. When anyone dares to complain, there’s always Misaka.

Most of this is pretty inane. They boys have to meditate under waterfalls and other such things. The girls are off cooking and pestering Misaka about Hinata. It’s okay, not great. What’s better are the Hinata scenes. He’s such an off-the-wall character that the camp can hardly contain him. And what’s even better is his effect on Usui, who, for the first time in the series, actually seems at a loss. He tries to flirt his way back to Misaka’s heart but she’s too busy, leaving him more unsatisfied. What’s more, Hinata likes him.

Two interesting scenes: First, when Hinata and Misaka are locked in a storeroom together (that old trick) he declares love to her, and she seems genuinely touched, suggesting that she isn’t as closed off to him as we had thought. Or she could be simply touched by his sincerity and earnestness. That’s probably it. Second, Hinata asks Usui if the two are dating. Usui says that if they were he wouldn’t be so troublesome. One of his more interesting statements. Interesting, too, that Hinata would ask a serious, straightforward question like that and that Usui would honestly answer it. The two actually seem to bond a little.

After that the more serious themes get tangled with the aforementioned inanity. The boys, separated from the girls for three straight days, turn into a mob of ravenous somethings. In an earlier scene they had all attained Nirvana … go figure. Misaka, Usui AND Hinata fight them off. They all agree on something! Perhaps Usui has come to realize that Hinata is not just an always-hungry idiot, and actually, he hasn’t shown much actual dislike for the boy; he just doesn’t know what to do with him. As for me, I like Hinata. He’s already given the story a fresh angle, and while his hunger schtick is already wearing thin he’s usually fun to watch.

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