Occult Academy 9

Another episode of Occult Academy where they do absolutely nothing to locate the Nostradamus Key. If they continue to waste their time with heartwarming tales it’ll be all over soon. Get to it!

Jimi Hendrix comes to mind ... Wait! What the hell is THAT?

I mean, Maya and Uchida both remind each other that they’re not doing enough, but both times the current situation takes precedence. This time the vice principal leads a class and this time they’re looking at 19th century American spiritualists, ectoplasm, that kind of thing. Nice that this show casts a wide net in its choice of occult things. After Kozue rather stupidly asks that they raise the spirit of the ex-principal (tactful, Kozue) the vice principal conjures up … practically the opposite.

Not the ex-principal.

Her name’s Akari, she’s cute as a button, scared, wants to go home, and vanishes and reappears with puffs of snow. So much for the Nostradamus key THIS week … The rest of the episode involves the gang, minus Uchida, tracking down her home and figuring out her story. And sadly, it drags. Little Akari makes friends with them all and becomes less scared (her playing with JK was the show’s best moment), all well and good, but apart from a bizarre scene when they find her home it’s mostly discussion.

As usual, Kozue will bear the full brunt of the upcoming weirdness.

Her parents divorced, the dad got custody of the girl but found it hard to take care of her and work, so she was alone a lot. She was found outside her apartment frozen to death. A lot of exposition and not much else. They track down the father who angrily tells them to fuck off and says he was responsible … and that’s about it. I have to say this is the weakest episode of the series so far. I can’t think of anything else to write about it. I can only hope that the second half makes up for the first.

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