Heroman 23

Heroman 23 begins what I assume is the final story arc. I’m not sure why, but I can’t remember this show doing a good job starting its stories. They usually end well but the openings always seem so direct and ham-fisted. Happily, this is an exception.

Joey's briefing.

The reason why this one succeeds is that we’ve spent enough time with the characters so that their interplay has become interesting. Plot-wise, little happens. Essentially the Skruggs take over the White House (which has an experimental lab built underneath, which holds Kogorr’s egg or something. Who made that decision?) and Joey/Heroman go off to the rescue. But as side notes we get Will, working on his own, and the whole Joey/Lina thing. Everyone gets a little time and that not only gives the show some variety but lets us share what they’re thinking. Joey’s story is more than just Skruggs.

The scene between Joey and Lina gets a boost from the threat. Lina gets to do what she couldn’t last episode and lash out because Joey had not told her about the last battle with Will. Meanwhile I’m wondering why didn’t he? Will had made it clear that he was out to destroy Skrugg technology, and although they had clashed it had ended in a draw. Why not tell her? But in a nicely timed moment Hughes’ helicopter swoops down to pick him up. He shouts something she can’t hear and makes a dramatic, dare I say, heroic exit while she can only watch, astonished. Yeah, he made a mistake, he’ll fix it later. Right now it’s time to be a hero!

What thoughts going through poor Lina’s mind! He didn’t tell her and he was wrong for that, but now he’s gone to fight Skruggs. And, for all she knows, maybe her brother, for Joey didn’t tell her everything.

What follows is just as good even though nothing much happens. We see Joey studying the thousand-page NIA manual, thinking about both the upcoming fight and how he must protect Lina. Meanwhile, Lina mopes, then escapes out her window (where is she going?). It’s an interlude laden with emotion and expectation and then it’s over when the plane reaches DC and is immediately attacked. Meanwhile Will has arrived too, and has an unexpected reception. The fight is on! The episode ends there. But for the first time in a while I don’t think of watching the next Heroman episode as a chore, but rather something to look forward to.

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