Occult Academy 10

This was episode ten. We have three more in the series. They’re still no closer to finding the Nostradamus Key. Instead, they’re fulfilling wishes for little ghost girls and helping fathers and daughters reconcile in general.

I’m being a little unfair. From the outset this show has been as much about Maya and her troubled past as it has for alien invasions. Here we see it at work again. Because Akari’s situation bears some resemblance to hers, Maya becomes stubborn and makes the gang (minus Uchida, again distracted by Mikaze’s charms. She’s up to something, or she’s the Nostradamus Key. Has he taken her picture?) wait outside the father’s apartment until he finally lets her in. The sob story is almost unbearingly schmaltzy, on the “Little Match Girl” level of bathos. Distracted by his wife’s leaving him he doesn’t take Akari seriously when she says she’ll wait for Santa. Outside. Where she freezes to death. We get lots of happy scenes of Christmas past to try and soften us up. Instead, I got bored.


So they throw a Christmas party for her, blah blah blah. Uchida has torn himself away from Mikaze and the jealous vice-principal to play Santa, only the father shows up and takes his place. Actually, this part wasn’t quite so bad. It was fun to see the gang do tricks to entertain Akari, and the Santa scene was very well done. He gets to see is daughter one more time. But there’s more to it. As she happily fades away she says “Goodbye Santa! Goodbye Papa!” She didn’t just want to see Santa, she wanted to see her father, who had grown distant from her, return and fulfill her wish.

This leaves Maya and her own troubles. She returns to her old house, to be destroyed the next day, has memories, breaks down in front of Uchida. I’m not following her logic. All of a sudden she says it’s she that turned her back on her father, not the other way around. We’ve seen plenty of evidence to see otherwise. On the other hand we learn that he created Waldstein Academy because of her childish Christmas wish to have a monster school. Now we’re getting mixed signals. We’ve seen him, obsessed with work, slap her. Is this change of heart because she saw Akari’s father’s remorse? Ehh, not really buying it.

Next week, according to the previews, Maya dies! If it’s true it’s a hell of a thing.

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