Heroman 24, Amagami 11

After a splendid opening to this story arc Heroman 24 gets down to business: getting Joey and Heroman to the White House, or what’s left of it, to defeat whatever the hell it is.

Oh, that's right, they're also rescuing the president.

The fights are routine. The Skruggs (and everyone’s shocked when they appear, as if they couldn’t figure out who their enemy is) send out some yellow warriors which turn to green slime the moment Heroman punches them. So our heroes go from skirmish to slimy skirmish in order to get closer to the White House. Meanwhile, other things happen. Psy, Denton, Lina and Holly are on a plane headed toward the action so that Denton can put some plan into action. Unfortunately we don’t get to see the plan at work. Consider it a teaser. So let’s move on to a couple of genuine complications. First, the military can’t launch an all-out strike because the President is still in the White House. Again, who’s idea was it to have a secret lab below it and put Kogorr’s egg there? And then there’s the Fourth Estate.

We are finally introduced to the reporter who took the footage in an earlier episode, Keisha Jackson. Now she’s ordered her helicopter right to the action. Joey says he can’t fight with her whizzing around but she refuses to back off. Earlier in the series Keisha was a brave reporter who insisted on revealing the truth behind the NIA’s coverup. Now she’s a dangerous reporter interfering with her story. And she causes another problem: she spots Joey, and since this is a nationwide feed, EVERYONE spots Joey, including the guys at the coffeehouse … and Holly. Somehow she hadn’t figured out that Joey controls Heroman. You can imagine her distress. But, like Denton’s plan, the ramifications will have to come later. Since there are only two episodes left I wonder how much time they’ll devote to it? And what is Central City thinking about this?

But mainly it’s Joey and Heroman beating up yellow Skruggs, then a really big yellow skrugg. As they get closer to their goal it gets trickier and trickier. To add to the spectacle the Skruggs resurrect those damn bowling balls, except they can fly now, and they go whizzing off to the White House as well. Why didn’t they do that before? And Kogorr is brought to life and given another chance to do what he couldn’t do before. So we’re all set up for the big battle. What about Will? The previews show him standing alongside Joey and Heroman, but this episode we didn’t see much of him at all. He seemed to be tied up, or maybe he was hiding …

Amagami SS 11, the third of the Sae arc, gets a little better, though Junichi has yet to kiss some weird part of her body. Chances are she wouldn’t go for that anyway.


Sae is still too meek and submissive to do much, but she’s getting better. Meanwhile the interview lessons continue, this time projecting the voice in a high wind, possibly so that Junichi can see her skirt fly up. All of his lessons have a double meaning to them and it’s not clear he even realizes it. In fact, he hasn’t realized yet that he’s beginning to fall for her. Well, in this episode he gets a clue or two. Happily the lessons end as she finally goes for the interview and gets a job at a restaurant with cute uniforms, natch. The gang all visit her at work and are a little surprised to see her so competent. Sae says she owes it all to Junichi but it’s clear that something else is happening here: her confidence has grown.

So much so that she asks him out on a date, even if they would deny it (It’s Junichi’s thank-you gift … right). It’s a nice little scene. Junichi admires her while they ride the merry-go-round, and we continue to a live show where Sae reveals some major geekery and gets captured by evil squid. Refreshingly this is about the only embarrassing thing to happen to her all episode.

Holding hands for the first time.

What’s more, she takes the initiative again and asks him to compete with her in the Founders Festival “best couple” contest, which I assume makes them an official couple. Then she goes even further and gets him to hold her hand. Now, she requests all this with lots of nervous pauses and quivering voice, she hasn’t changed that much but she does it. She goes through with what she wants. Interesting that Sae’s the one who takes the initiative while Junichi is still trying to figure out what she meant by not wanting to be his little sister. If she hadn’t, would he have stepped forward?

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