Occult Academy 11

Occult Academy has been blowing its time away with minor ghosts and apparitions for too long. I guess to make it up to us they spend episode 11 throwing everything at us but the kitchen sink. Whoo! What fun!

The first couple scenes are typical enough. Maya and Uchida plan to check out some ancient masks, then Mikaze sneaks into Uchida’s apartment and makes him dinner. What’s surprising is what happens next. First, she comes on to him, and the next thing you know they’re at a cult ceremony. It happens so fast I thought they skipped a scene, but this show likes to do this sort of thing. Now Mikaze is trying to convince Uchida, through sloppy kisses and cleavage views, not to mention a scary crystal ball, that Maya is an evil witch, the cause of everything, and must be killed. Uchida, tool that he is, seems to believe it. And I have to say that it’s about time Mikaze did something besides flirt with Uchida and make him nervous. The more she stayed the same the more you knew she was more than she seemed.

Give Uchida a little credit: he does bring this up with Maya. I honestly thought he would be too indecisive to spit it out. The trouble is it takes forever for him to get the nerve to say anything, the only time the episode drags, though superimposing Mikaze’s head on Maya’s body was a nice spooky moment. Ironically, up to then Maya had been friendlier with him than she had ever been before. But his news leads to a fight and Maya storms off alone. Next thing you know—she’s dead. We get some mourning scenes, the side characters rally to conjure Maya back, and Uchida is blubbering in his room, blaming himself. I understand why, but in spite of his dilly-dallying he had nothing to do with her death. It was important to involve her in the Nostradamus Key search, and she knew how important it was. Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out the repercussions. This is more plot than they’ve given us in a long time. They weren’t finished. Heh.

I’m not going to spoil all the surprises; I’ll just say that more than one person has been lying about their identities and it’s not the people you think. It leads to a bizarre confrontation I never would have expected and lots of danger for our heroes. I love it when an anime episode can make my head spin, and it’s not over yet: at one point we learn who killed Maya’s father. But if that’s the case …

... then who's this?

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