Highschool of the Dead 12. Huh? It’s over already?

It’s not right!

For such a gripping series to finish, their world only half-explained, after only twelve episodes, it’s just not right. I protest! No doubt there will be a sequel—some day, but I feel cheated, like a delirious promise made to me was not kept. Twelve episodes, bah!

A bright light from the sky that isn't the sun is never a good thing.

To make it worse we get a great finale. We start with the nukes. The Japanese shoot down three of them but one gets through and causes an EMP blackout. Nothing electrical is working. Right when Shizuka had gotten through on a cell to Rika. Well, at least they know the other is alive. In this show that’s a big thing. But overall it’s a minor inconvenience to our heroes. A slightly bigger one for the Takagi compound as Shido’s bus’s brakes won’t work and he slams into a barrier (and, alas, not dying), letting the you-know-whats in. Soon they’re at the main gate.

The aforementioned main gate.

The Tagaki clan has to make some decisions and we return to the family issues Saya has been dealing with. I still don’t quite understand them. In the past couple episodes Soichiro has gone from being a autocratic, cruel, uncaring man to one who will take care of his duties at any costs, and he has gained respect for Takashi and the rest. But Saya, I guess, is not one of his duties since he gives her to our heroes for protection. It seems cruel, but it’s possible he recognizes their strength and the bond she has with them. When she leaves with them he says he now has no worries.

Saya's parents in action.

Apart from the brief Shizuka/Rika phone scene this is about the only quiet moment in the episode. The rest is action and setups for more action. Highschool 12 outdoes itself with the action scenes. They’re incredible. It’s all guns, katanas, last-minute escapes, humvees riding on two wheels … Each character gets a moment. Alice even saves Shizuka!

All of which makes me hate the series even more for finishing too soon. There is so much to explain! How do the zombies find people to eat (because they hinted that sound isn’t the only thing)? What the hell happened, anyway? How did they appear all over the world like that, all at once? That’s annoying enough, but the show didn’t even get a chance to flesh out all of the main characters. Shizuka did nothing but act stupid and flash her body this entire time. She’s a nurse, yet she didn’t get to treat anyone … well, Rei did mention she would see her about her injury, but that happens offscreen; besides, she was more sore than injured. The closest thing to character development for Shizuka, besides having Rika as a friend, was her breaking the fourth wall to say “That’s the way the author made me.” I had been waiting to learn more about Shizuka. I never got the chance.

No, this can’t be the last of Highschool of the Dead. You just can’t quote T.S. Eliot and call it a day. Besides, who was the girl sneaking through the closing credits? So, bitter that the first series wasn’t 24 episodes long as it should have been, I guess I’ll start to wait.

One more of Kohta.

18 thoughts on “Highschool of the Dead 12. Huh? It’s over already?

  1. Can’t say that I don’t blame you. I’m fucking pissed that they ended the anime like this. This anime was beast from the start and never bored me anywhere throughout the series unlike other great animes have done. This anime has great reviews and just because the dipshits at SD Comic-Con voted this as one of 5 worst manga’s doesn’t mean you cancel the anime. So stupid, thanks for wasting my fucking time watching an anime that was awesome but now we’ll never know how it ends or the entire meaning behind the characters. Useless bastards.

    1. Well, to be fair, the anime wasn’t cancelled. It ran in the 2010 Summer season. I don’t think the manga was released in the US until 2011, and the negative comments at Comi-Con also came after the anime finished. So I still have hope that there will be a sequel.

  2. i argee they need to have the rest soon i mean i love the show and more needs to be explained i mean serously only 12 episodes and after the credits of episode 12 it shows them walking to a buliding that seemed to be a shop or hotel or something in that amnner an i agree with the two people above me…

  3. I totally agree with you man they really didn’t give the series a chance. and I for one don’t understand why didn’t they?

  4. I know! And so much time has passed that if they were going to green-light a sequel, they would have done so. A shame. As to why? I have no idea.

  5. when i first saw this i was like wtf cuz of tall the boobs and etc but after a bit the story really took of and caught me big time and i fell in love with it and right when the suspense reached its peak its over that’s just wrong. someone must do something to keep it going again because i wanna see how it all ends because its a mind blowing amazing anime!!!!

  6. I think it’s obvious there won’t be a second season by now. But if you’re dying to find out what happens next the manga (assuming you’re in the US) is available.

    1. I have to agree if they havent made a second season by now then chances are they probably won’t make one.which ofcourse doesn’t make sense because the show was and still is pretty good.

  7. season 2 of Highschool of the Dead has already been confirmed but the release date for the U.S has not been said so dont lose hope it will hopefully be here soon

  8. I’m actually not that pissed off at the ending (which is ironic since I usually hate big cliffhanger endings that never continue), but that’s because it ended in the typical zombie way (you know, never explained what started the apocalypse, kids not finding their parents, okay the latter pissed me off due to it not continuing), and I’m tired of what people see this show has: one group see’s it has plain fun, while the other group see’s it as pathetic due to fan service. What about all the heavy drama? Without a doubt it’s pathetic what the writer thought of when making this show. I mean zombie apocalypse with heavy drama and characters doesn’t go with porn. It doesn’t. Shows like sekirei are tolerable since they have that mood and appearence that makes it suitable for porn, but this? Really pathetic combination, but still has really good points.

  9. I seriously hope that the writer for the 2nd season decides to cut out a majority of the fan service. It strangely didn’t bother me when it was there during serious moments (probably because i was too hooked at the drama). If it was gonna put fan service, it should’ve done it sometimes. Like when the atmosphere cools down a bit and then there’s a funny moment, but this show COMPLETELY overexaggerated it’s use of fan service. Regardless, I still love this show (because of the drama, not the fan service).

  10. I find it so ironic how people complain about shows that end like highschool of the dead, but don’t point out how other shows end with WAY bigger cliffhangers (sekirei, onamori himari, etc), but yeah the ending for this show was just pathetic. How did the zombie apocalypse begin? Never explains it like a gajilion zombie stories. Do the kids find their parents? Maybe, but it doesn’t show it.

    1. I’ll point out that the anime was based on a manga series that continues past where the anime left off. It’s clear that the anime creators were hoping for a sequel, but it’s been three years, so it’s unlikely now. On the other hand, Mushishi is much older but just aired a superb ova and announced a new season in for April. So there’s hope!

      As for the fanservice, it didn’t bother me at all. In a show with extreme violence and gore why not have extra fanservice to go with it? It fits. Sure, it’s sleazy, but so are zombies. It’s like a battle between life and death with extra gratuity.

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