Asobi ni Iku Yo 11

I’ve seen better setups to big finales than Asobi ni Iku Yo 11.

A rather glum strategy session.

Not to say that what they did last week wasn’t effective. The Cathian ship taken over and heading toward the outer atmosphere, the crew hiding in a wormhole, the captain, the only one able to give the ship commands unconscious … it’s well thought out by the Dogisians. It does indeed look dire for our heroes, until, suddenly, it’s not. The captain had entrusted her cosmic bell-thing to Kio. So not only can he act as captain, he has the power to create a spaceship to get him to the ship he’s captain of. But they need a rocket to get the ship into orbit, so they call on Antonia. And Rulos isn’t dead, either, but shows up to be some useful device or another. I didn’t understand that part. And Ichika helps by making charms to unfreeze the ship’s crew. In other words, they think they have no resources to fight back and all of a sudden more resources pop up all around them. It could have been handled better, but it wasn’t bad.

The Dogisians spice up the game.

The show then gives them setbacks. Antonia can’t get hold of a rocket because the Dogisians got to the countries first. They have to go to Russia where one of Antonia’s servants is pals with an officer there. Kio still has to imagine the darn spaceship in order to create it; that can’t be easy. What’s more, there’s a NATO army heading towards them and it will arrive in three hours. Okay, this makes it more tense, but it’s been mostly talk about what they are going to do and reaction when they learn about the setbacks. Nothing in the way of physical action. Asobi likes to balance goofy catgirl antics with gunshots. I was waiting for the latter.

Focus, girls, focus!

Worse, the girls just can’t leave the love issue alone. After last week’s battle they find time to talk about Kio even before assessing the damage. Then when they reach Russia Manami asks Kio point-blank how he feels about Aoi–while he’s busy trying to envision spaceships. Naturally Aoi overhears it and confronts Manami over it. Ladies, you’re in a huge crisis? Can’t it wait? And don’t give me that “But what we all die before I tell him my feelings?” line. First things first! … That was bad enough but then they invent new emotional shit, when a rogue Russian guy tries to abduct Kio (the only physical action we get. Gunshots!) and gives a speech to Aoi about how she’s just a cold-blooded mercenary. This guy was last seen in the beginning of the very first episode! NOW they’re going to bring him back to inject some guilt into Aoi?

Kio creates a spaceship.

That man is caught and hopefully forgotten. Things move on. Kio, manages to put abduction and love issues thrust upon him out of his head and makes a spaceship. The episode ends with them ready for takeoff while a narrator says uninteresting things. With hindsight I see that this episode wasn’t bad in what it set out to do—get the rescue mission going. I was hoping for a little more excitement and a lot less about love triangles.

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