Heroman 26 – Finale

Heroman 26, the big crash-bang finale, has plenty of action and light shows but, sadly, it took so much time making its point that at times the episode dragged.

It looks bleak. Heroman’s got a huge hole in him and isn’t moving. Kogorr moves to kill Joey but Will gets in the way and makes a dying speech. “Your father never gave up!” Joey has already turned a glowing orange, now his control club-hand morphs into a robot hand that reminded me a little of the ones in FLCL. The orange color is possibly related to Heroman turning beet-red when he thought Joey was dead, though that time Heroman went into an inhuman rage. Orange Joey wants to save the world at his own expense. And at first it looks like he’ll succeed, until …

Hey, Heroman! Who's side are you on, anyway?

I guess just like Joey stopped Heroman when he went beserk, Heroman must return the favor. Nice to see that Heroman’s picked up the “Not dead yet” skill that Joey possesses. Here’s where things start to drag. We’ve already had high-level talks about firing ballistic missiles, which we all know won’t do squat. And we have a brief display of more conventional weapons also not doing squat. I don’t know why they waste their time with this. Denton and the gang are ordered to pull back, but refuse. They won’t let their heroes down. And of course we haven’t seen Minami’s power-up tech in action yet; you know they’re going to play that card sooner or later. As it turns out—later. They have a lot of profound talking to do first.

One of a great number of speeches.

Now, the idea that sacrificing yourself only makes the ones you leave behind unhappy is an important one in this show and to Joey and especially Holly, so I can’t complain if they revive it at the climactic moments. But the timing is just awful. We get speeches or lines from just about everyone, a lot of flashbacks of a young Joey protecting Lina from a vicious dog (with the most important part, Holly rushing in and saving them both). All to say that suicide missions are bad. Even heroes need backup. Meanwhile Kogorr is happily drilling into the Earth’s core to suck out the energy, a fact which seems totally forgotten by everyone. Time is ticking away and suddenly I was worried that it might go onto ANOTHER episode.

So they have very little time to do the big final fight. You know when it’s actually the final one when the music isn’t loud and propulsive but more of a power ballad. Denton does the Heroman power-up, Heroman breaks off Kogorr’s drill. Kogorr goes “NOOO!” and then boom (seems kind of easy with hindsight), and the aftermath comes during the closing credits, so close did they cut it. Oh, they added a scene of Minami and his minions breaking out of prison, in case there’s a second season.

One more of the rest of the gang.

Overall the show balances out to about average. Much of the time the plot execution was ham-fisted and predictable. The character development was either good (Joey and Holly), inept (Will), or nonexistent (everyone else). On the other hand the action scenes, even the absurd ones, were almost always exciting and fun to watch. I didn’t always look forward to watching it every week, but I watched it anyway. Dunno if I have the energy to watch a sequel.

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