New season: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Letter Bee Reverse

I was going to start the new season with Iron Man, but the sub didn’t work. So it’s on to Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. By the way, you can gauge the popularity of a show by the number of fansubs that appear. Iron Man has hardly any while PSG has plenty, though not as many as the Sora no Otoshimono sequel, a show I won’t be covering. I couldn’t finish the first season. I know the fansubbers want to do shows they like, but I wish there was a way to spread it around.

I had gathered that Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt was a raunchy show with a Powerpuff Girl vibe. That’s pretty much what I got. The girls and their boss fight ghosts in Daten City, which is on the cusp of something. Panty is sex-starved, Stocking is sugar-starved, and Garterbelt has an afro. That’s about all you need to know about them.Oh, they have a dog-thing named Chuck, I believe, whose job it is to get beaten up by the heroes every few minutes. In the first story they must find out why toilets have been eating people. We quickly learn that the girls don’t give a crap, so to speak, but are interested in heavenly coins they get when they cleanse an possessed person. It’s only when Panty is herself sucked down the loo that they begin to take it seriously.

The show doesn’t hold back. The shit literally flies as the girls confront the monster and “cleanse” it with a gun and sword (the titular items, transformed, which means Panty has to drop ’em before she can effectively fight). Don’t ask me what the pole-dance scene was all about, please. After the probably deliberate shock of the first story the second is bound to be a letdown, since it only has to do with a spirit possessing vehicles which the girls must chase down. But it’s not bad.

One of three gazillion action screenshots I could have taken.

The artwork is crude but they make up for it by having something happen almost every moment. It’s almost impossible to keep up. It’s a good thing that they put in two stories per episode. Having one long one would wear me out. There’s nothing really new in this show but if they can keep up the manic pace it’ll be fun to watch once a week. No more.

I’m going to watch Letter Bee Reverse, but it’s on probation. The first season overstuffed itself with badly-written, unimportant stories, meanwhile the main story (Gauche) was pretty much ignored until the finale. Do I want to watch more of this?

First we get the same scene we got before. Lag sees Gauche, but Gauche doesn’t remember him, or anything, really, calls himself Noir, a marauder. He blasts Lag with a black spirit amber. Meanwhile Gauche’s dingo Roda manages to scratch Niche (which apparently means she’s formidable) then hurts her more by saying she’s a failure of a dingo. Off they go, leaving Lag to cry and Niche to fume.

I can't remember which one is saying it, not that it matters.

One thing came back to me. Lag cries a lot and lots of time is taken to show it. After an informative scene at the hive (where we are reintroduced to Largo, Aria, and Thunderland, who alas doesn’t talk about dissection) where we learn about an anti-governmental group called Reverse, we fall back to depressed Lag and poor Niche. Another long scene where Lag despairs over telling Sylvette about her brother. Good lord this show takes its time! A scene where Sylvette praises Lag and they cry some more. The only plot movement in the second half involves Niche.

So we’re going to get at least one episode where Lag looks for Niche. There will be crying involved. It will take up a lot of time. But at least they’re more or less still on the main story track—for now. So I’ll keep watching.

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