Still more Twos: Yakumo, Soredemo, Milky Holmes

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo 2 isn’t much better than the first.

Haruka begins to explain why she likes Yakumo.

We start with Yakumo waking up and insulting Haruka for whatever reason. Then we have to see his sympathetic side when he points out that ghosts used to be people, that they’re not monsters to be purified or exorcised. Alas, Haruka is just the sort of girl who goes for these quiet, rude types with hearts of gold. And we move on to the ghost of the week, who’s rather violently haunting a shrine that’s to be merged with another. And Haruka, naturally, has a visitation herself.

The ghost story turns mundane, an old man accepts the past and we learn more about Yakumo and his family and how troubled the guy is. Sigh. We also get some bad guys who stand around in the dark and make plans. We had them last week as well and I’m sorry we didn’t get to their story, because the one they gave us instead was completely forgettable.

After watching Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru 2 I’ve uncovered some of the things I like and ones that will annoy me the longer I watch it.

Hotori's usual courteous service.

Hotori is a little of both. She’s goofy and often fun to watch. On the other hand she’s willful and can be mean and uncaring when she wants to be. In episode 2 we see her mishandling her siblings, clobber a cop in the family jewels with a scooter without a trace of remorse and try and tear down the dentist’s sign next door. But she does this all so energetically that I find it hard to hate her. Her half-baked strategies for bringing in more customers shows some of her good side.

As for the show itself, I enjoy how it’s directed. Shots come from all angles and there’s a lot of energy. I sometimes like how the story goes off-tangent, I sometimes don’t. The side characters, well there’s not much to them yet. Granny is the biggest mystery of the group. I’m not in love with this show, but so far I don’t dread watching an episode.

I was hoping Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 would be a bad as episode one and I’d have an excuse to drop it from my backbreaking schedule, and it wasn’t very good. However, it was … odd. I have a weakness for oddity.

The bad guys take a moment to grin evilly.

The Milky Holmes team are at a low ebb, living Baka to Test style, the worst desks, the worst food, and they’re beginning to turn on each other. Cordelia is so worried that she becomes delusional. When they rescue a stray cat they begin to get along again, until Cordelia sees Fish Paste (the cat) stealing bread. When the girls are accused Cordelia takes the blame on herself in a bizarre moment of opera singing.

Here’s an example of the oddity. There are moments like this scattered throughout, and many of them worked. What follows is Milky Holmes trying to discover the real culprit, using the worst detective skills imaginable. They were once star detectives? But what really confuses me is when the truth comes out. Student Council President Henriette, who, remember, is actually the leader of the bad guys, forgives Cordelia and allows them to keep the cat. The baker who did the accusing (and is also a bad guy) is remorseful in his apology. And earlier another bad guy helped them light a fire. Don’t they WANT the girls expelled? Don’t they hate them? What’s going on? A point is made that without Milky Holmes around, stealing is way too easy. Maybe they secretly want Milky Holmes around to make their thievery more exciting … Weird weird weird. Or maybe just bad. Haven’t made up my mind. I’ll give it one more episode.

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