Threes: Star Driver, Panty&Stocking, Yumeiro Pro

Star Driver 3 is the most straightforward so far. The Glittering Star’s organization has begun to make sense, and for the time being their aims are not so confusing. Also, we’ve seen much of it before.

The enemy leader of the week is Kanako, she of the green hair and kissing through glass. We learn that she is fabulously rich thanks to marrying an oil tycoon, and she’s a tremendous flirt. Now, Glittering Star may have higher motives in mind, but right now all they want to do is defeat Takuto. Kanako finds she may have just the fighter when Takuto squares off in a kendo duel with one of her flunkies, Takashi. So its off the drugged-out cosmic dueling dimension!

The fights are routine, but damn, they're good to look at.

The fight is the usual stuff. The style of combat reflects the enemy’s personality, which puts Takuto at a temporary disadvantage. But then he pulls out a surprise and wins. Writer Yoji Enokido, I am led to believe, did a lot of work on Sailer Moon and Utena, so it makes sense. I have a feeling he’s also responsible for much of the show’s flamboyant visual style. Considering the quality of those shows I’m pretty sure this is going to be far more than a robot of the week series. Hell, I’d probably keep watching anyway just for the eye-candy.

After three episodes of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt I’m ready to pack it in. Not that it’s not any good, in fact, it can be a lot of fun. And it’s hard to offend me, though this show manages to come close, especially with the second story this week. It’s just that beneath the crazy visuals and foul jokes it’s … ordinary.

In the first story, Panty and Stocking have a fight. Stocking goes off to fight the evil ghost alone and nearly gets killed, or whatever happens to people like her. And so we learn that the girls are unbeatable only when they fight together. I can’t say that this is the most original moral I’ve ever heard.

The second story is a bewildering riff on sperm which uses a Normandy landing metaphor, among other things. Amusing. But I don’t feel I care to write about this every week. Down the line I’ll come across an episode (on American cable, because I think that’s its next destination) and think “Ah, a nice way to kill fifteen minutes.”

After some delays with faulty fansubs I got to watch Yumeiro Patissiere Professional. Good episode. Intros are all done and the show regains its stride.

The gang take turns trying to sell their style of shop, only to find the customers indifferent. They sit around a lot wondering what to do. In fact, we can see two problems already. The interior of the shop is still not ready for customers (the fairy magic only works on exteriors, I guess), so no one can sit down. And the main action is down the international street. Er, Kashino doesn’t help his own cause by becoming the Chocolate Nazi. The translation doesn’t actually say “No sweets for you!” but it could have. We get a nice scene where Johnny talks about the American sweets scene as an amalgamation of immigrant styles, and Ichigo decides he’s not such a doofus after all. But that might complicate the love triangle issue …

53 episodes in and I've never seen Andou look that mad before.

So their shop is in bad shape. Worse, so is Andou’s. With inadequate supplies and staff the big crowds he had on the first day has dwindled to nothing, and he’s in danger of being shut down. So now we have two crises on our hands. What’s more, the previews show Andou falling ill from exhaustion. Well, it also showed Johnny and Ichigo sharing a bike ride, so the episode won’t be a total downer.

Oh, I can’t resist posting one more screenshot:

Johnny's beginning to fit in.

2 thoughts on “Threes: Star Driver, Panty&Stocking, Yumeiro Pro

  1. My thoughts exactly on P&SwG. Yes, I enjoyed what I saw of it but I’ve already planned to drop it at episode 3 as you have. I suppose it’s so I’m left with good memories of the show, rather than stick with it until it wears on me.

  2. I actually saw your Tumblr post about it before I watched ep3 and saw that we were in exact agreement. It’ll be a fun show to peek at a couple times a year, just not once a week.

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